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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. As part of a house move, can you move 4no large terracotta garden pots 1m tall by 0.5m diameter full with soil and plants?

Q. Hi there I am looking to move the contents of a large shipping container (contents of a 2 bed home) back to our house. The distance is not great (Redruth to Falmouth) but I was recommended you by a friend as they said you would take stuff to the correct rooms etc when unpacking. Could you please give me an approximate quote for this service? Note I am currently in NZ and so phonecalls to discuss options are tricky to arrange in the first instance. Many thanks Thomas

Q. My father is currently in a Sidmouth nursing home but desperately missing his very bulky riser recliner armchair which is still at his home in Loughton, Essex - is there any way anor empty removal van

Q. Do you offer motorhome storage?

Q. Can I self hire a van from Exeter to move and drop the van back to somewhere in London?

Q. How much notice do we need to give you to book your serives?

Q. Hi, When booking a van online for Saturday February 9th, it only allows me to book the whole weekend (returning on Monday), but is it possible to book just the Saturday (collection on Saturday morning, and return before closing on Saturday)?

Q. Can you buy packing materials from your Truro office?

Q. Can't get a quote as system keeps on saying I haven't entered a title.....where?

Q. What time does the Bridgwater depot shut on a Wednesday. Returning from Wales pm. and need to unload.

Q. I went to the Bristol drop off point this afternoon between 1-4pm (Sat 29th Dec). No one was there. Please could you let me know when is the next time I can drop off filled bags for shredding. Thank you. Ms Madhu Anhes

Q. Hi, do you sell your large cardboard packing boxes? I'm after 5 and am happy to collect, please could you let me know a cost? Many thanks. John Rance

Q. Would our goods be insured against all risks, from pick up to delivery, including such things as fire in your UK warehouse and loss on the seas?

Q. On the web it says shredding bag delivered for £7.50, then I click on it and it says £9.00

Q. Cardboard boxes for moving

Q. Do you have a vans returning empty service?

Q. What removal dates are available from 3rd to 7th december please.

Q. If i book a removal with your firm, and have to change my removal date is that ok?

Q. When I collect a van at Truro depot, can I leave my car there. My hire is for 2 days.

Q. Purchase storage boxes (removal crate size)

Q. Do u still send the Secure bags for paper shredding .. if so how much is it now plse ???

Q. Can you shred 35mm transparency slides?

Q. Hi - I have heard I can have Christmas presents delivered to your depot so that they can stay a surprise and not fill up the house? What is the cost and when can I collect them?

Q. Ust need a Piano moving from yelverton to Devonport.

Q. Can you beat price of �269 for removal from 2bed house to a 3bed house a coupl of miles away.

Q. Can u send me a price list for boxes please, 20 kg, smaller & wardrobe boxes. Can collect.

Q. HI, What is the minimum notice you require ?

Q. Do you offer a cleaning of the property service once empty

Q. Do you do caravan storage

Q. Hi there I need an upright piano to be moved from near Bridgewater to Blagdon and wonder if you could give me a quote. No stairs involved, just moving it from one ground floor room to another. No access issues in to/out of either house. Please note that there's a steep hill and restricted turning circle into my drive at Blagdon. Loads of room to park and turn once there. Medium sized trucks/vans are fine. Weekday pick up and delivery fine. Thanks Andrea

Q. I need 50 x 50 x50 packing box for charity children's clothing to be sent to you. Sell strong packing boxes and cost please

Q. Do you have any availability for a move to London next week

Q. Do you pack for clients?

Q. Can we put a white goods including a fridge Freezers?

Q. What is cheapest day to move

Q. Boxes

Q. Hi are storage boxes returnable if so what refund do you get

Q. Hi are the boxes returnable after use

Q. Dear Sirs We need to arrange for an office chair to be relocated. Current location: CC&D office, upstairs at Alexandra House, Alexandra Road, St Austell, PL25 4QN (the chair has Sandra written on the back in tippex, so should be easy to locate) Required location: CC&D office at Trevissime Park, Blackwater, TR4 8UN Could you provide a removal quote for the same. Regards Louise CC&D Psychiatric Liaison Secretary

Q. I want a double bed settee collected from Plymouth and delivered to Farmoor Oxfordshire can you give me a approximate pricing

Q. Can we access our storage unit on a sunday?

Q. 2bed house inPlymouth to Carlisle Cumbria ???

Q. Can I pop in and pay my monthly bill as cant get to the bank before the 7 days it is due? Liz

Q. What size chest do you have for shipping a small number of household items from Somerset to Sydney Australia in December 2018? Look forward to hearing from you. Jacqueline

Q. I only want two large items collecting. Could you please give me a price

Q. I am relocating from Plymouth to Colchester, Essex The house that I am moving out of is a 3 levels townhouse with: - a master bedroom (bed that will be disassembled and packed, 2 wardrobes that will be disassembled and packed, 1 chest of drawers, 2 bedsides - a child bedroom (1 bed, 1 chest of drawers, 1 wardrobe, 1 round chair) -living room (TV, 2-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa) -office (2 desks, 2 chairs, 2 bookshelves) -1 kitchen with appliances (including dishwasher, washing machine but no fridge/freezer to be moved) -1 dining room with large table (can be disassembled) and 2 other display cabinets -3 bathrooms - about 15-20 boxes already packed Would you be able to provide me with a quote for this move?

Q. If we fill in the form about what and where we are moving, how sure can we be about the price you quote?

Q. Good morning, I am just wondering if you have any full time job vacancies in Bridgwater? My contact information is Daniel

Q. Hi, how much approximately would it cost to move about two cubic metres of boxes and household items from Hayle to the David Lay auction house in Penzance, please? Items are house clearance type, but no furniture. Thank you. Regards, Linda King.

Q. Do you have van from Burton on trent

Q. Can white packing paper be bought in advance and cost?

Q. How much are packing boxes

Q. White packing paper

Q. How much to send a 5kg parcel from Penzance to melbourne

Q. Can I purchase packing boxes from your Truro facility?

Q. Would you be able to transport a piano from Plymouth to Aylesbury. It�s an upright iron framed old family piano.

Q. I am interested in renting a storage unit on a long term basis, but am unable to find any prices on your website

Q. What is the capacity in cubic feet of your containers?

Q. Hi do you have any porter jobs going Attal

Q. HI can you add have an additional driver to the hire please.

Q. Good Morning, thanks for email re Torquay to Norwich, need to know what approx cost to add for including car -citroen picasso mpv to our price guide query for moving small 3 bed house. many thanks.

Q. We are moving back up north but our new build house will not be ready until approx two weeks after we move , how much time do i have to notify you to get my furniture back

Q. Can old hard drives go in shredding bags

Q. Hello we live in exeter and only wish to move down the road however are moving tomorrow for a house move and would need help with packing ? Can you help ?

Q. Do you sell used removal blankets

Q. Please contact us to discuss our house move from Letchworth to BUDLEIGH SALTERTON. 07940791658

Q. I run a charity for needy children here in Murcia Spain and regularly come back to Exeter to collect clothes etc. I need stout ...ideally 50x50x50 packing you sell and cost please.

Q. How quick can you give me a quote - I need to be out of this flat on 25 Ict

Q. Disposal of large item

Q. Can you move 7 cu mtr load from Kingsbridge Devon to Algarve Portugal?

Q. Would I be able to get some boxes for packing to go into storage,would I be able to use another removal company but store at your facility,would it be possible to do short term storage as I look for property,many thanks Monica Gillies

Q. Hi I am moving from Cornwall to Lincs , can you call me to discuss this , any day after 12 noon please

Q. Could you tell me if the plastic sofa covers are heavy duty and how much they are please for a two seater

Q. Hi, I am writing in regards to a commercial business move I am looking to complete for a project I am working in and around 19th October. The client is a electrical testing company who’s current premises is a mixture of office, production and storage space. Their current premises is suitable for 7.5ton and below transport and is moving to new premises on a custom built industrial estate approximately 20 minutes away. If this is something you would be interested in and they dates are suitable then please contact me. Kind regards Chris

Q. Can you tell me how much your new/used storage boxes are ?

Q. 3rd bedroom is very small and only contains a chest of drawers so do i put 3 bed house or 2 ?

Q. How much are packing boxes please.

Q. Moving kit

Q. Buying storage boxes

Q. Do you do mini bus hire

Q. Looking for work do you have any job vacancies in cornwall

Q. Do you sell packing boxes?

Q. How much to move a 3 bed hse to dover kent from plymstock plymouth .

Q. Do you have vehicles coming from Cornwall to the midlands, which would benefit from full return load

Q. Do you provide boxes , do you set up flatpacked furniture / beds /washing machine etc ?

Q. Please can I have a quote for a house move from 2 bed ground floor flat in Torquay to 3 bed terraced house in Bollington, Cheshire. Possibly restricted parking at both ends (on road parking which is busy at times but can be quiet at times too) Ideally around 24th September. Togive you an idea of how much we have, when we moved 6 months ago they used a large Luton van plus a people carrier. We have a lot of boxes, specifically books, but not a huge amount of furniture. (1 double bed, 2 single beds, 2 x 2 seat sofas, couple of cupboards, lots of bookshelves, couple of hanging rails, small kitchen table with 2 chairs, rocking chair, probably about 70-80 boxes (450 x 300 x 300mm approx size) - all boxes can be lifted by me (so not too heavy), although a lot do contain books

Q. Which company do you use in the USA

Q. How much is the minimum to removal from England to the Azores

Q. Do you have a Luton available this weekend please?

Q. Please could you give a me i have a two bedroom bungalow with no steps .from callington to saltash for future ref please.

Q. Hi, Do you sell second hand packing boxes still? If so, how much are they please? Thanks

Q. Nearest branch to camborne

Q. As the Bristol branch is now closed and the rugby club in Stockwood Lane has the storage facility, whom to I contact to arrange acceptance of my shredding ?

Q. How would you go about arranging a move FROM Kent TO Cornwall? Would it be better to get a Kent firm - does Britannia have any companies in Kent?

Q. Do you help with removal of rubbish when moving? My mum is moving from a 2 bed house into a bungalow and is taking hardly anything but can't afford to get rid of it. Is this something you can help with?

Q. Hi can I have a ball park figure for a put in size removal charge from Truro to chesterfield please thanks my email is

Q. I have moved to xxx and have a number of surplus cardboard boxes which Lamberts told me you would be pleased to collect gratis for reuse. They are clean and dry storefront but in the way ! Can you collect please ASAP.

Q. Please could you not that there are two small chandelliers?

Q. I want to move an upright piano from Bradford on Avon BA15 1ED to Goonbell, St Agnes TR5 0PL.Would this be possible as a part or return load?

Q. Hi, Can you give me an idea of costs for storage of house contents while we have renovations. Thanks

Q. How much notice required for move from south France (Carcassonne) to Plymouth Devon please?

Q. Do you have a packing service?

Q. Opening hours

Q. Hello, would you be able to provide us with a removal quote please? I am moving from East Nynehead to Taunton, my husband to Teignmouth, possibly going in to store for a while.

Q. I am the Office Manager for I need to find a storage facility for long term storage of documents. Would it possible to visit your premises to have a look around at your facility and provide a quote ?

Q. Hi, I bought a shredding bag off of you quite a while back. I brought it back today to find you have moved!! Can you tell me where I need to go to get this shredded? Thanks. Kate

Q. Do you supply boxes and packing materials if we are only using the removals service and aren't using your packing service, or would we need to buy the boxes?

Q. Are you open in Bridgwater on Saturday

Q. Hello, Im looking at moving a half size iso container from Crawley to Redruth. Is this something you could quote for? if so please could you?

Q. What is the difference between your Man and Van service and your removal service? If moving locally would 3 men and two Luton vans be more economical?

Q. Do we leave drawers of chest of drawer units filled or empty

Q. What is the maximum weight I can put in a removal box please?

Q. I have a recumbent trike that I'd like to send over to Mainz in Germany . The trike would be packed into a large box. Would this be possible and how much would it cost.

Q. Due to unforeseen cicumstances I need to move out of Torquay on 21st August and into a property in Newton Abbot on 28th with goods being stored in the interim. Would you have those dates available?

Q. I have a C1 driving licence does this allow me to drive a 7.5 tonne van?

Q. What is your minimum charge for a part load to South of France. I understand your pricing to be �3.50 per square foot.

Q. Do you selll packing boxes separate to a booked move?

Q. Could you tell me the carrying weight of the tail lift Luton van please

Q. Keep being asked to resubmit with a title?

Q. Do you sell packing boxes to the public without the need to book a removal?

Q. Good morning. How much would a small storage unit cost for six months? Thanks. Darren

Q. What time do you open in the morning

Q. Your on line quote system doesn’t appear to be working

Q. I am looking for a house removal within Cornwall, but will also want included the taking apart and putting back together again of furniture. Is this something you could do?

Q. Hi. I have used your price guide - very helpful thanks. Could you say if you have availability for a move from Somerset to Carmarthanshire during the week commencing 13 August and if so what days. Thanks

Q. Hi, I would like to collect a washing machine and a fridge from Crownhill to plympton and would like to know the cost please. Thanks

Q. Hi we are a care company in Truro next to Treliske Hospital, we end up with some shredding paperwork, but not huge volumes, perhaps 1-2 bags every few months. Would we be able to make use of your services going forward? This would be most convenient. Please advice. Carole

Q. Move a commercial fridge, 200cm high x 80cm x 70cm from Filton, Bristol to Strrete, near Dartmouth in Devon. Does not have to be upright on a pallet. Howmuch please

Q. Hi do you sell used boxes and if so how much please

Q. I am moving from Hertfordshire to Truro in early Sept. Is it possible to do a return load to Cornwall?

Q. Hi, Very short notice but we are looking for a company that can move us on Thursday 26 July please. We are moving from a 3 bed semi to a 4 bed detached. Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks Jo 07553366994

Q. An email has been sent to Joel Puleston with some questions about the inventory.

Q. Hello, Is it possible to combine removals with storage so that the household items are collected from our house in exeter and stored before being moved to our new home in Wiltshire?

Q. Are you still doing the 8 weeks storage at half price at your Exeter depot?

Q. Hi there, before contacting you for a quote, lease can you advise on days you’re available for a home move this month? The move date is in the process of being arranged but could potentially be within the next couple of weeks. We’re in Clyst St Mary EX5 1DE and moving to Seaton EX12 2SF. We nee to move the contents of a ground floor 2-bed flat to the ground floor of the new property. Easy on-road parking at both ends - Seaton location also has private driveway access. Thanks, Mat

Q. Do you sell moving boxes?

Q. Hi need to move from norwich to cornwall with small van how much

Q. Jobs

Q. What is your phone number please ? I need to speak with someone to organize a quote fro a removal from Plymouth to Nottingham

Q. Could you please give me a price for storage of a complete 3 bed bungalow + garage items and shed items for 6 maybe 12 months.

Q. I am trying to use the price guide and it says to enter a title but there is no option to enter a title

Q. I want to move a 15ft motor boat from Wadebridge and launch it at Teddington. Can you help?

Q. To store the contents of a 2 bed house what is the average storage space required please ?

Q. Can you provide an unpacking service too? And take down and re assemble beds? Thanks, Rowena

Q. Can you provide a packing service?

Q. Can I drop shredding bags anytime?

Q. Hello, are you hiring staff for work over the summer period?

Q. Packing cases and wrap

Q. I just have two tables and a few ornaments which will need packing. Collect Newquay Deliver Burnley Please quote

Q. Hi my son is leaving Cannington Centre on 29th June and needs help packing it up, removal and then storage until 15 September. Can you help pls?

Q. Do you sell packing cases?

Q. How much for 7.5 self drive

Q. We have some items we need moving from northampton to plymouth would van load

Q. What is the minimum requirement to pick up bags?

Q. Hi please cold you give me a quote for moving one cubic meter of goods from Vera , Almerus, Spain to Exeter

Q. Hi, I am looking for storage to the equivalent of a 25sq ft room for artwork, Could you also give me a quote for insurance and do I have the option of using my own insurance? Many thanks

Q. Please ring 01326 254170 to arrange visit for estimator

Q. How much is the excess mileage charge?

Q. Does the quote given by the calculator include V.A.T.?

Q. Does your storage facilities have any form of temperature control? many thanks

Q. Looking to have piano taken away for scrap, can you help please

Q. I am looking to self drive a 7 1/2 tonne lorry for a house move in August 2018. Could you provide such a vehicle and what are your rates please

Q. Hi, I need a van for Thursday to pick up a few boxes of things back in Stevenage I now live in St Austell what’s the price please?

Q. Hi, I would like a quote for removal from Helsinki, Finland, to Truro Cornwall UK please. We have belongings that fill a 7,5 m2 storage room, including furniture and a washing machine. Removal date is very flexible as our belongings are currently in a storage in Helsinki. Kind regards,

Q. Hi, do you sell the boxes from the Truro branch? Thanks.

Q. When is bridgwater open to take in a shredding bag?

Q. My house is small, no garden so hopefully the price can be a little less.!

Q. Could you tell the Storage access hours? it will be the same like opening times?

Q. What are the dimensions of the tree sizes of your standard packing boxes/

Q. I am having to have some building work done on my property and have a large dining table and chairs that need to be removed and stored safely. Please could you contact me to discuss price?

Q. How much to send chest of drawers from Truro to Kirkby Stephen and when if possible after 18th please

Q. Hi, I have just ordered some new bags online to be sent out to us from your Exeter branch to us at Acuity in Basepoint in Marsh Barton. We also have three bags here that are full and ready for collection, is it possible to organise this or do we need to drop them in? If you could get back to me on that would be great. Many thanks

Q. Good evening. Can I enquire as to how much notice you would require for a move from Lincolnshire to Cornwall? Thanks,Rosemary

Q. Hi, I am looking for a self drive SWB van to move to Romania, is this a rental you are able to do for me? I am thinking of doing it over the 2nd - 12th June. Kind regards Daniel Lewis

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

Q. Do you supply hanging boxes for wardrobe items? I have two i meter wide wardrobes - full.

Q. Hi, I need a glass domestic display cabinet moving from SA15 to TR6 0HG. Its about 3 feet square and 1 foot deep. I have used you once before for a prt load and was very happy with the service. Regards. Alan Ratcliffe

Q. Hi Please can you provide a quote to move the below items on Tuesday 19th June 2018 from Bridgwater to the Bridgwater Inventory of Furniture / Equipment

Q. Do you offer tip runs as a service? If so what's the rough cost for 2 men to remove and then to dispose of several items?

Q. Hello. Can you move me from Carbis Bay to Ambleston on or about 1 June I live in a 1 bedroom apartment McCarty and Stone. Thank you.

Q. Latest job vacant

Q. Excellent website! I am shortly moving from Devon to Hampshire. My question is - do you also have the facility to move cars? I have a Honda civic which I would prefer to be moved for me if possible - either by another vehicle or driven? Look forward to your kind reply. Thank you

Q. How much a week does a 25 cubic feet container cost

Q. Reference D043641 this quote was for packing and unpacking i would like a quote with self packed and unpacked load of approx 400cf

Q. Can you tell me when xxx bag was shredded. I've never had notification. Thank you.

Q. Do you sell plastic to cover sofas?

Q. Hi - We are moving from Pipe Aston (near Ludlow in Shropshire) to Devon (near Plymouth). Should we book a removal company based at this end, or your end of the move?

Q. Hi there looking for a quote to move an upright piano from Fareham to my address in Troon, Camborne. Would need two people involved as it is being picked up from my grandmother's house! It's ground floor pickup and ground floor delivery. Flexible on dates/times too.

Q. Can you provide wardrobe boxes approx 6 ?

Q. I have furniture that won’t go up the stairs. Have you got a hoist to get it through a large first floor balcony door.

Q. How many miles to the gallon does a transit Luton do

Q. We are a business moving from Launceston to our H/O in Exeter, No furniture just files and boxes of paperwork ans computers.

Q. Because we are living in a loft at the moment, it's difficult to divide the items into rooms. If underestimated, or indeed underestimated,you would change the final price?

Q. Morning, I have hired from you before but have now moved to rented accomadation so don't have utility bills in my name, plus my licence has the wrong address. A friend of mine is hiring a removal van from you and I am helping her and she wants me to share the driving. Can I be added as a driver and what ID do I need. I have a licence (obviously!) and a passport. Will this be enough.

Q. What time can you collect

Q. Can you store our belongings for a short period of time, between uplifting from our old property, and delivery to our new home

Q. Do you sell packing boxes

Q. What size is a luton van

Q. Boxes for books?

Q. Has my shredding been done

Q. What sizes are available for self store ?

Q. Do you sell boxes

Q. Opening times

Q. Do you hire mini buses

Q. Hello, I( would like to hire a small van for Saturday, just the day to move wardrobes in the truro area, can I do that please?

Q. Hi, can you deliver without knowing how many items I have?

Q. What documents do ineed to hire a van

Q. Inventory already submitted

Q. Do you unpack

Q. Bridgwater opening times today?

Q. I need a small van for a couple of days from Exeter could some1 call me on 07754893149

Q. Do you sell cardboard boxes?

Q. Hello belgian mover here! can you quote for an assistance in Cronwall 2 men + small shuttle van (6hrs) my email:

Q. Could you move a piano to another room in our property?It would involve a move to a lower level.

Q. More information about fire safe container storage

Q. Hiya Do you sell second hand removal boxes? Thanks Nicky

Q. Hi how much per month for furniture storage Truro

Q. How much is storage containers weekly

Q. I would like a rough idea of how much you charge for storage based on a medium 3 bedroomed house. Also, do you charge for cardboard packing boxes and if so how much? Thank you, Edward Bradley

Q. Do you visit us to survey first?

Q. Hello please do you sell wardrobe moving boxes or better still hire for 11 weeks. Thank you

Q. Do you have any available caravan storage from today 6/3/18 and if so how much plz

Q. I live on the isle of wight would the move cost me more

Q. How long does it take to get the deposit back

Q. Your telephone number in Cornwall

Q. Good afternoon, Could I please obtain a rate for one of your crew (using their own transport) to assist our driver & porter for one day. We will be unloading 1562cuft of mixed household effects in Kenwin garden, Truro. The date will be Saturday 21st April 18. Thank-you for your assistance. Kind regards Peter D'Arcy Abels Moving Services

Q. Hi do you do storage auctions for units that dont get there fees paid cheers

Q. How do I know you received my quote form ?

Q. Why request for receiver of international shipment to provide passport details?

Q. Packaging

Q. Hi, would it be possible to supply me with an approximate cost for storage of the contents of a 3 bedroom house at your Truro site? I appreciate contents vary but a rough cost would be very helpful. I do not have a great deal of possessions but have the usual appliances, beds, settees etc. Many thanks Andy.

Q. Packing boxes

Q. We have 450 sq ft (2 containers) of storage at your Truro depot. How do we make arrangements to have this moved to St Ives? How much notice do you need?

Q. Opening hours

Q. Do you do removals from Devon to Swansea Wales?

Q. Hi There, My name is Steve from SteveWebJobs a professional Animated Promotional Video Company. Would you be interested in having an animated marketing video for your company to help increase your online exposure? We can create a custom animated promo video to help market your business more efficiently. If you_re interested, please reply back to this message and I will send you a link to some animated promotional videos we created so you can see what we can do.

Q. Do you hire to a driver with a DR10 from 3.5 years ago ?

Q. Hi, I was asked to submit a CV but the e mail address I had has been deleted from my system, could you re send please. Kind Regards. Shaun

Q. Fixing date for removal

Q. Is it possible for you to come and quote for our removal within Cornwall, please?

Q. Does your quote include insurance? I may also have a cooker to dispose of

Q. Would like to know if you have any jobs going

Q. Our daughter has a wooden playground in the garden which we don�t really want to leave behind as it cost a lot of money. Is this something you would be able to help us move?

Q. Do you sell packing boxex

Q. Could you quote for a part-load of 2m3 from TR7 3JD to 29299 Langwedel (Germany) - 765 miles - in w/c 11th June, pls? Thank you, Irene

Q. I would like a quotation for self-store in Cornwall (120 sq. feet).

Q. Please contact me to discuss our removal needs

Q. I have just made a booking online after speaking to someont for a luton but i require a pick up around 4.30 and drop of sat by 4pm

Q. Do you include packing and insurance in your quote?

Q. Moving from Brighton to London what's the cost?

Q. Do you have forklift assistance to get stuff off the truck?

Q. Would you please give me a quote for moving from Helston to Truro. It�s a two bedroom house. Many thanks

Q. Hi, do you sell wardrobe boxes for packing? Thanks

Q. How to contact Mr Mark Lane, MD

Q. Can you phone me regarding self drive can please? Lee Allen 01841532167

Q. Do you sell boxes

Q. How much for a short time hours to pick up a side board from redruth

Q. Could you tell me your phone number please

Q. In December, I requested a quotation from you for shipping 3 framed & glazed art works from St Breward PL30 4LU to Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA. I received your quotation but am now unable to locate it on my computer. I would therefore be very grateful if you could re-send your quote to me: my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. With regards Jane Hanscomb

Q. Do you have facilities to store cars in the Truro depot?

Q. Do you sell cardboard boxes

Q. Where is the nearest shredding office in Bristol

Q. Would you consider, please, transporting a ford escort from Pliego, Murcia to Plymouth. I now live in Plymouth but could be in Pliego for the pick up. Thanks in advance, Paul.

Q. Boxes

Q. Do you carry out quotes at the property? Thank you

Q. Do you ship from London to USA - West Chester, PA?

Q. Do you supply boxes or still sell Used one's?

Q. Hi .....Do you sell packaging items? I need a roll of'professional shrink wrap to secure a parcel for courier delivery. Any ideas?

Q. I am looking for a removal firm to pack up my houses and take it to storage for 12 months . I need to be moved by next Monday. I have a house in Redruth. Fiona

Q. I have a piano that needs moving from Trowbridge Wilts to Lydeard St Lawrence Somerset are you able to give a price for this?

Q. We currently have a large second floor storage container with you. We re looking to move into our house this Saturday, do you only open until 12.30pm!?

Q. How big is your drive up units?

Q. Hello My name is Ivan Aleksandrov, I leave in St Austell . I am class 1 driver and would like to ask if you are looking for drivers with permanent contract.

Q. Price for removal

Q. How much can i fit in a 20 sq unit

Q. Can we bring bags of paper to bridgwater to bbe shredded and what does it cost please?

Q. How much are your removal boxes to purchase please

Q. I am looking to move January 2018 and would need four weeks storage

Q. Would you be able to move us in early January

Q. Opening hours.?

Q. Are you able to move us on 29th November

Q. Hello, please could you let us know if you have facilities to store a 17ft touring caravan at your Brislington Bristol branch? if so please could you quote us on short term and long term prices. many thanks. kind regards Lisa

Q. Do you accept payment by credit card?

Q. Could you confirm that a move on 20th Nov will be possible

Q. Looking forward to hearing from you

Q. Please could you give me a price for moving a baby grand piano, king sized bed, conservatory cane suite and a few other small items of furniture from Modbury to Yealmpton (approx 7 miles) Many thanks

Q. Do you ship cars from France back to uk

Q. Jobs

Q. Please could you tell me if you do mail boxes Many thanks Darran

Q. Hi. I have a glass lamp (66 cm high by 18 cm square. I can send you a photo. Is this something you could crate and send to Toronto for me? Do you do individual items like this? I hope so! thanks! Beverley I live in Penzance.

Q. Hi I've just booked a tail lift van for monday 13th November 2017 but there is no confirmation of the date just a reference number. how can i confirm it ??

Q. Do you have availability for November 30th / dec 1st?

Q. Please could you contact me as soon as possible due to time factors.2 chairs in the lounge are large special chairs for my disabled son thanks

Q. Hi, my name is Thomas B Dytor and I've rented a Luton 3.5 ton for the 13 th November, I wanted to extend that by a day so that I could return it 14th evening. Could I rent the same can for an extra day please? Thanks, Ben

Q. I need one item (a wardrobe) moved from one address to another in Truro. Do you do single items? It would need 2 people. If so, how much would it be and could you do it on Sunday 12 th November?

Q. I am looking for a Motorbike to be collected from Woodbridge and returned to Truro- could you please let me know if you provide this service and what the cost would be?

Q. Am trying to fill in Guide price form and it keeps asking me for a title. I’ve put Mr before my name and that didn’t work.

Q. As advised by Mark Lane, I would like to order the medium packing pack @ £66. Moving from London to Mousehole Cornwall on 15th November. Please can you tell me how I go about this? Thanks.

Q. How much does it cost for your survey service? Located in Falmouth.

Q. Hi Looking to transport aircraft parts will need 18ton with internal height 3m is this possible.Thankyou

Q. Hello, Could you tell me how much you charge for caravan storage and if you have any availability? Many Thanks

Q. Can I please have a price for hiring a long wheelbase transit from 5pm on Friday the 20th of October until Saturday the 21st of October. Pick up from Bridgwater please Kindest Regards Martin

Q. Do you offer storage

Q. How much would it be to transport a piano from newquay to northampton thanks

Q. I am having anew carpet laid could you move a heavy cabinet out of the room and replace afterwards

Q. I need to get into a unit Sundays and in the evenings. Is this possible in Exeter? I want to store Ebay stock. I noticed all the units are 1st floor and up, can I ride in the lift with my things?

Q. Hello I would like a large safe which is very heavy moving from one building to another about a mile away in the Bodmin area

Q. I need to get some furniture back from cussac france. Luton van size, as my mum and dad are coming home to live with us. We were going to hire a luton to do it ourselves but would be interested in a quote

Q. Do any of your branches have a part-filled load coming from Ireland in the next few weeks? A friend has household belongings, all packed, (Furniture is flat-packed) stored in a first-floor flat in Nenagh Ireland, plus two cats in cat boxes, to be delivered to a first-floor flat in Torrington Devon. Thank you.

Q. How much to move from dordogne France contents of three bedroom house + garage to depot plus storage of contents

Q. Hi I'd like to move a granite table top 6' x 4'9 x 1" from rh10 to pl14. Would you be able to do this? Many thanks Anthony White

Q. Do you have availability for a move from Plymouth to Eastleigh, Hampshire, on the 2nd October?

Q. Could I have the phone number for Bridgwater please, for paper recycling. Many Thanks.

Q. Hi, do your quotes include vat

Q. Do you have availability on the 2nd October for a move witching Devon?

Q. Please visit me in truro for a quote for the 6th October please

Q. How many average size boxes & or items could i fit into a space of 550 cubic feet

Q. Moving to cornwall next few weeks, need to store for a few weeks have estimate from removal company of 1850 cu ft, do you have one available large enough if so how much per week, probs looking at 18th oct or there abouts

Q. No phone number

Q. I need a guitar but your calculator doesn't work

Q. How much per week for 25 sqft

Q. I need a pce of furniture picking up from the isle of wight and delivering to Ilfracombe Devon, how much would this cost please

Q. I live in Mount Hawke and have an armchair that i want to deliver to Bacup, Lancashire. There is no rush to do it. Could you do this for me and if so give me an idea of cost. Thank you. Paul Holmes

Q. Can i just buy boxes

Q. Do you have any used boxes available to purchase at Truro

Q. Do you have a supply of used large boxes

Q. Ihave 17 met trailer with toe bar from Malaga spain to bring to south England can you give me a rough quote

Q. Dear Sir or Madam, I am looking to store some off my belongs while I go into a woman's refuge. The items that will need to be stored is a small dressing table, 1950 glass cabinet, a reclining chair and matching stool, a blanket box, and shopping trolley, 5 boxes, and some black bags. I would like a quote for these items to go into storage.

Q. Are you covered for any damages when removing furniture

Q. Do you offer disposal/shredding for confidential floppy discs? I have about half a carrier bag full.

Q. Can I leave my car

Q. Do you rent vans for self drive in Europe?

Q. I currently have half a container of domestic furniture and items in storage in Hull and need them delivered to Exmouth. I was wondering if you have a truck returning from this area in the near future? Contact Steve

Q. You shipped a 20 ft container to Madeira for us on 24/04/2014 Ref: DO34954/Q1/AR. We are returning to the Uk shortly with the same container size that will need to be stored for 3-4 months. Please can you quote for the storage? Pauline Fisher

Q. Do you have 10' crates

Q. 50 square feet. What are the costs per month. Cornwall

Q. How much per month is storage of a small amount.

Q. How much would it cost to store my house deed- one normal size box file of documents?

Q. I have 60 full 4 draw filing cabinets to move from TR27 to NE13

Q. We are moving to Truro from Shrewsbury and have an upright piano that needs two extra men to take it to the second floor. The stairs are carpeted and are wide with a slight curve. There is a full landing on each floor. How much would you charge for the two extra men to join two more men to move the piano?

Q. How much is the deposit please to hire a Luton tail lift

Q. Good evening, please can you confirm if you offer a removal service for a small van? I do not have any furniture only clothes etc that I need to move from Exeter to Edinburgh. Thank you in advance.

Q. What weight can boxes be if we are packing ourselves?

Q. Can I access my self storage unit in Exeter outside of office hours....???

Q. How often do you do a return move from twickenham to trgony cornwall

Q. Quote please 3 bed to 3 bed 5 miles truro area,

Q. I would like to discuss the fantastic support and customer service I revived from staff at the Exeter depo.?Could I please have the name and contact details for the head of customer services or the CEO, thanks Nick Millward

Q. I was looking at getting an estimate for a full or partial packing move and what that consists of. I have resentful split from my partner and wanted the move easy as possible for her and the children. They will be moving from a 3 bed house to a 2 bed house within a 3 mile radius. If you could give me a rough range of pricing to go off please we are in the TR13 area.

Q. Do you work at the weekend? Do you provide boxes?

Q. Can you please give me a quote just to move an upright piano?

Q. Do you sell bubble wrap?

Q. Can you give me an approximate price to move a dining table and six chairs, and 2 display cabinets about 6'x3'to the Costa Blanca please.

Q. Moving from Penryn on 21st September, moving into Falmouth on 25th September. I shall require storage over the weekend. Can you do this and if so can I have a quote please?

Q. Hi can I just turn up and collect boxes or do I need to make an appointment? Thank you

Q. Cost of storage boxes please

Q. Hi any driver vacancies have 7.5ton with full cpc a tahco Paul Mason 07502172886

Q. Hello, I'm moving from a one bedroom cottage in south Brent to a one bedroom retirement bungalow in Sparkwell, however there's a two week gap and my things will need to go into storage for the gap. Can you help me ? How much will it cost ? Julie Upson

Q. Cd you quote for a part load from PL11 Cornwall (nr Polbathic) to London SW4 (Clapham south)? Sofa, sgl bed & mattress, desk + a few sundries. And would you be able to do it next week Monday 20th or Tuesday 21st August?

Q. Cost of removal from Somerset to Scotland, plus storage costs

Q. Bristol open times

Q. Does the quote include VAT

Q. Your form keeps asking me to enter a title but there is no separate place to do that and it fails to recognise that have put a title in front of my name. What else can i do to make your calculator work?

Q. Dear Sir/Madam, I'd like to store my van during 6 weeks from this Wednesday/Thursday and I was wondering if you have room available and also how much will it cost. Thanks, Kind regards, Irene

Q. Hiya, just wanted to double check you received my email as my phone didn't refresh the page. It's from Kiana Timbrell about moving some boxes to Abu Dhabi. Thanks

Q. I have 0.5 cu meters of paper thatg needs confidential shredding. I am in Taunton but could deliver to Bridgewater, What is your price?

Q. What are your opening/closing times

Q. Hi, I asked a while ago but had no response... yet... An odd one I appreciate but... How much to shred about 50kg of paper and card, if brought to site and taken away again? I am making firebricks and due to ill health the shredding got away from me... If allowed I would even be happy ot put through the shredder... just need a good machine that will cope with paper to cardboard - only cardboard boxes ... thank you . Reply to andrew.caddy@btinternet.comThank you very much

Q. Hello can you quote me a 4 min journey for an upright piano both on ground floor in heavitree. Flexible dates

Q. Hello, I need moving and storage for one double bed and mattress and some other boxes. From postcode SE26 6JP. Storage for one month. Would it make more sense for us to hire a SIXT or something and drive it down ourselves? Many thanks, Katherine

Q. Me and my oartner would like to store a trailer from 31st juky to 7th august. We were wondering whether you had anything available. Thanks

Q. Could you visit at the end of next week to provide a more accurate quotation.

Q. Hi I have completed an inventory form and assumed that for checsts of draws and blanket boxes and chests these will be packed full and contents not packed separately. Mr Littlechild

Q. How much notice to book a removal with you?

Q. Terms and conditions house removal

Q. For Bridgwater site do you do short term let eg, 2 months also can you collect I live very close cost please

Q. Hi, do you sell packing boxes?

Q. Contact number

Q. Quote

Q. We have a 40' container arriving July 21 from the US to Southampton prepaid as far as Devon. It contains the goods from two households. We need someone who can provide a location, manpower and transport for receiving the container, rapidly unloading into two moving vans (half container load each) to go to the following addresses: EX6 8HP and TQ14 9NA. This does not fit your normal online form. Can you help? Call me on 0208 1440039 +18052154150

Q. Do you sell bubble wrap by the roll

Q. Hiya - we are having some building work done and need to clear 4 rooms downstairs and store the contents for a month then have them reinstated. can you help? we would like you to quote for the following please. Package the contents of kitchen, TV room dining room and store them offsite. Headline contents (rough guide only) to be stored offsite: sofabed; oak dining table and 6 chairs; oak Welsh dresser; Ikea shelving units; TV and stand; kitchen cutlery, crockery, pots, pans etc.; oak bench (6ft); washing machine and tumble dryer; standalone radiator; boxes of clothes/jackets; hoover, cleaning materials etc Contents to be stored onsite: wrap the mattresses and tape up the wardrobes Collection and removal on the 26th July - storage until end of August. We would need you to come back and unpack reinstall as before. Hope this is enough information?

Q. What do you need to hire a van

Q. Could you give me a price for a removal from Helston to Playing Place ,Truro. 4 bed house but most packed boxes already moved.

Q. Do you hire out wardrobe boxes


Q. View packing boxes

Q. Can I store a vehicle ?

Q. Can i track my stuff?

Q. Could i retutn van early but out of hours in exeter?

Q. I am collec5ing a luton van next week which i have booked for 3 days, what ro i need to bring with me onbthe day?

Q. Hi I am moving from Yorkshire to Cornwall. We have some chunky items of furniture and I'm not sure about the access. Not sure if you can give me a call so I can describe them to you.

Q. Do you supply boxes if we wished to pack ourselves and is this much of a saving?!

Q. Do we have to empty draws in clothes tallboys and sideboards etc?

Q. Do we need to empty draws

Q. Please can you tell me roughly how much it would cost to ship a piano from the UK? Many thanks and looking forward to hearing, Anja Claire

Q. Hi, do you do low loader hire, I need to transport a car about a mile away? Regards Daryl.

Q. What is meant by 'total loss'?

Q. Can you move the goods and put into self storage?

Q. Are you available to move and put in to store on tues 30 may moving from devon to cornwall

Q. Are you available to move us from EX4 to EX1 on Friday 26th May? If so please call me on 07969144389 to arrange booking

Q. Can we leave our car when taking the Lutin self drive?

Q. Can you do a move this Sunday two way London to Cornwall and Cornwall to London?

Q. Document disposal

Q. Mini bus hire

Q. How much are boxes?

Q. Do you move potted plants

Q. Hi do you have small rooms to store motorcycles and if so how much monthly?

Q. Boxes

Q. Charge for 2 - 1 cubic meter boxes from Burnham on Sea to Calpe.Alicante Spain September

Q. Have the company as a whole got any jobs going

Q. We're not moving but I do want to decorate my front room. We would like to empty our front room whilst we get on with refurbishing our front room. So we would like a quote in emptying our front room and storing everything till we're finished. Thanks Gary

Q. Do you sell second hand moving boxes

Q. Are you open anytime today Fri 14th or Sat 15th a.m. for me to access my storage unit ? Regards Graham Kemp 07961-716620

Q. Cost of storiing average 3 bedroom home furniture and possessions

Q. I can you transport a piano from one place to another?

Q. I have a piano to move from Cheshire to Tregony. No rush. Wondering if you might be able to quote to include as a part load sometime by July pkease

Q. We wish a quote for removals back to england from france . It would be about oct 2017 time

Q. What sizes are your drive up self storage units and prices for same

Q. Can I have a quote- move a piano from Tonbridge Kent to Exeter

Q. Opening hours

Q. If I have reserved a storage room can I cancel

Q. I am looking for storage in Exeter. When will your new depot open?

Q. Storage charges?

Q. Are there certain items which cannot be put in container storage - e.g. Foodstuffs??

Q. How early can you collect a van

Q. Job vacancies for porters?

Q. Hi there, do you sell boxes and tape to the public?

Q. I need to move a piano from one side of Plymouth to the other, 11 miles. What would your quote be. It's an upright piano. Many thanks

Q. I need a piano transporting from Newquay to lostwithiel. Is this too small for you? If not how much would you charge please

Q. Estimate quote way to high, litterly moving 3 roads away

Q. Hire large pannel van

Q. Do you charge waiting time

Q. Hi there what are the dimensions of your large mountain bike boxes? Thanks Dan

Q. Can i move to cananda from the uk

Q. Please could you call to arrange a convenient time to discuss a quote.

Q. Opening times

Q. Have you got storage / car container for storage once in the UK from france

Q. Would like to move furniture from a 3bed home from Manc Ester to Isle of Wight how much would it cost

Q. Do you sell boxes for moving

Q. Hi, I understand you sell used boxes. Do you have a price list and can I collect at 8am on Saturday morning from Bridgwater?

Q. Moving to Alicante and would like to know what services you provide

Q. How much do you charge for box hire please?

Q. Can I just buy/rent out just boxes from you please?

Q. When moving to Surrey from Cornwall will the move be over two days.

Q. I am relocating from Buckinghamshire to Cornwall and my employers have recommend you. Can you give me a quotation i have a 3 bedroom house moving from Beaconsfield to Feock Nr Truro at the end of March early April.

Q. Do you still have the service where you dismantle and assemble flat pack wardrobes on the day?

Q. Unit sizes exeter and costs

Q. Caravan storage

Q. Hi. I am interested in the driving job that you have available. Where do I apply?

Q. Hi, We are looking for a place to store a 2011 Ford Transit T280 High Roof and would like to know if you have a space for this and the cost. We are planning to convert the van into a camper and would want to work on it at evenings etc. Please let us know if this would be possible and a rough idea of price. Thanks, Joe Taylor

Q. Price of boxes

Q. Hi what do you charge for long term storag 6months or more

Q. Please call for a chat and quote. Kind regards Andy

Q. You moved is from Devon back to St Just in 2014 - please quote for above items to be removed and delivered to Italy. Thank you

Q. Piano removals

Q. Is there an age limit for hiring.

Q. Please can you provide a quote for pick and delivery from London SE15 1LE , delivered to Bude EX23 9NR, Delivery of a table 6 rolled rugs, 3 carboad boxes and 10 rolled canvas, thankyou ,

Q. Our completion date is March 17 but we would like to vacate a few days before. We need furniture, appliances, some boxes stored for approx 3 months. We are also renting storage out of Cornwall which we will move ourselves. Please contact me to discuss.

Q. How much from TR7 2DN to DN12 3GB from 3 bed semi to 3 beds

Q. Hi there, Do you do one-way van hire? I need to move a couple of single beds and other household items to Liverpool this weekend

Q. What time ar you open till on a saturday

Q. What cost to bring 3 seater sofa from Croydon London to your branch in truro

Q. Do you do long term storage

Q. Can I get boxes

Q. Can I move my storage from one branch to another

Q. Can I return a self drive van on a Sunday

Q. Opening hours

Q. Can you move a semi hospital bed (invacare)?

Q. Boxes

Q. Packaging

Q. Are u open tomorrow

Q. Returning boxes

Q. We have a two bedroom holiday home in Portiragnes,south of France and need to move furniture to Bristol before the end of this month, December. Possible please? Rough cost?

Q. Packing boxes

Q. Insurance

Q. Do you sell boxes and if so how much are they?

Q. Is their any jobs going in removals thanks

Q. Hi Do you sell cardboard boxes? I need about 6, size about 60cmx35cmx35cm to send books to a sale.

Q. What time does the Bristol branch at Bridlington shut today ?

Q. Can I take the contents of a home bar of spirits in my shipment to Norway?

Q. Do you also deal with removals from London to Cornwall?

Q. Hi. I appreciate I can't buy online, but can you let me know how much are your boxes are please?

Q. How much is storage

Q. Buy boxes

Q. What are your opening hours

Q. How much is it to store a motorhome


Q. I need a removal company to move me and my family from London to Cornwall. My new employers require three quotes and one needs to be from a Cornish removal company, I have a three bedroom property with average contents. We expect to be moving in January.

Q. Do you do removals insurance??

Q. Hi I need a transit van or similar for this coming saturday (19th) for half a day. Picked up at 12 and drop of at 5pm. Can you accommodate this? Thanks


Q. Was unable to edit form please add 1 large Chinese carpet, free standing mirror 2 bedroom chairs & a wooden trolly

Q. Do you work in weston super mare

Q. Do you do part loads

Q. What is the average cost to move a 3 bedroom house

Q. What do I need to bring when I pick up the van

Q. Can someone give me a call please. Thanks, Mark Venton Luton van needed

Q. Can you disassemble and rebuild a wardrobe?

Q. Do u have a vacancy going

Q. Are you able to provide this service on 1st November 2016?

Q. Do you have space for me to store a camper van and a car trailer? Tony. 07967 443 975 How much?

Q. Can you please tell me how much for two bedrooms house

Q. Once my stuff is in storage can I take some stuff out as I get more room?

Q. Hello, Can you please provide a quotation for the storage of a 2008 Renault Megane Estate for a period of 3-5 months. Thank you.

Q. How wide is a 6 container van

Q. Can you tell me if you have stair climbing sack trucks for hire thanks

Q. Can you supply packing containers 7 days prior to moving?

Q. Do you provide boxes and packaging in advance of move is there a charge or included in quote

Q. Do you provide boxes and packaging

Q. Storage boxes

Q. Hi. I have a 7.5 mtr caravan. Can you give me a price for yearly storage. Regards Chris Murphy

Q. Do you shred cheque book stubs and diaries?

Q. We have a new chair that won't fit through the doors into our flat - we can't take the chair apart,

Q. I have just seen the photos on here of your new Exeter depot. When will you open and what facilities will you offer.

Q. Piano

Q. Opening times at truro

Q. Do you take passengers & tow a car

Q. I need a quote to move my parents from cornwall to Berkshire my sister live near by and can show you representative arround. Can you arrange this next week.

Q. Good morning, Do you sell export quality cardboard boxes from your Truro facility?

Q. You moved us from London to St Ives in 2012 and now we are going to the Isle of Bute. We're looking at no more than a half of a single car garage worth of stuff. Can you help?

Q. Please call to arrange a removal quote etc.

Q. Could u please telephone. I would like c a quote moving bungalow to bungalow. Port isaac to Bodmin. Kind regards Maria

Q. Boxes

Q. I need a removal from London to Cornwall and my new employers require three quotes and one needs to be from a Cornish removal company, can you give me a quotation. I have a three bedroom property with average contents. I don't have an exact date yet but we are being told it will be at the end of October.

Q. My removal completion date may be on the 10th October or a day in the following week. Are you available then?

Q. Could you give me a price please for a 20ft or thereabouts storage container for monthly rental

Q. Container sizes

Q. Plants

Q. Do you supply boxes

Q. How much are packing cartons for books

Q. Having just moved to Heywood, OL102EQ, what do I do with all the empty boxes?

Q. Studio flat, move from Ronda Spain to Falmouth UK.

Q. Move from tq121su to ne462bj we require packing and unpacking tel 01626 337323

Q. What's your phone number

Q. Do you sell packing materials

Q. Small chaise from Cheshire to Penzance price please

Q. As i only want to move a few heavy things from exwick to sowton

Q. Even though I visited and made 3 phone phone calls no one has contacted me yet.

Q. Hello, I'm looking for a quote to move our 3 bedroom house contents to a new bungalow on 15th September 2016. It will be going from Tiverton (Devon) to Callington (Cornwall). I will also require storage for 2-3 weeks in between the move. Many thanks, Mrs Groom.

Q. Please could you send me a quote via email as my new position will be paying best out of three quotes needed thanks

Q. Are you open today

Q. Can you tell me how much it costs to store a caravan at Bristol for beginning November to end March please

Q. Do you have caravan storage

Q. I have a sofa i need moving from loon to Truro - can you do this economically

Q. I am not exactly moving. What I need is 2 guys to move 2 armchairs, a large TV and a few other bits from my first floor flat down to my garage. I have a bad back so can't lift. About an hours work I reckon. Can you help? Cheers.

Q. +There are 2 tables, about 50cm wide and 160cm long + 1 or 2 floor lamps, (reading lamps)

Q. Do you sell boxes?

Q. When using your large lorries for a 2 day move do your men load the furniture or the boxes first please? Just want to make sure either is easily available first as required. Thanks.

Q. St austell to exeter

Q. Hi Could I please have some information on the packer vacancy you have available?, as I might be interested in applying. Thanks Scott

Q. What are truro opening times

Q. How do I obtain packing boxes from you - is there a web link?

Q. How much would it cost to move a small 3 bed house to the South of France?

Q. Hi - do you hire the commercial crates? We are a small office and are moving a short distance, but need crates to pack up filing cabinets - Interserve recommended you to us.

Q. Do you sell bubble wrap?

Q. Do you have parking available at your Truro depot so I can leave my car there time I hire the van?

Q. Hi, I have 2 heavy oak seats to get to Norfolk from the Penzance area. Can you do a part- load for me? If so what is the cost?

Q. Is pack 6 a book box?

Q. Hi do you do removals from france to uk ?

Q. Hi, do you provide a packing service?

Q. Can you move a baby grand piano from Helston to budock water?

Q. When can I access my items?

Q. Moving from Somerset to Norfolk, is this possible?

Q. How much is a 20 ft shipping containerto rent for 6 weeks

Q. Do you do house move to portsmouth

Q. What porters jobs do you have in Exeter?

Q. Including vat ?

Q. Could you ring me asap please with my query , many thanks Jane keast

Q. What driving jobs do you have on offer

Q. Do you su0pply boxes for pictures and mirrows

Q. Can you move a car from yorkshire to cornwall

Q. We are moving from nr the Lizard to Llanybydder west wales we have dogs and chickens to move as well. Not loads of furniture but loads of 'stuff' no date as yet

Q. Hi could i get a quote please moving from penzance to plymouth small 2 bed house to 2 bed 2nd floor flat thank you

Q. What is the price from cornwall to devon

Q. Hi I need a ercol two seater and two chairs moved from Plymouth to west mersea can you help and give me a price please

Q. Looking to move from Hampshire to ex22 please could someone contact me, I have asked. A few times Jackie ely

Q. Looking to transport an upright piano from Metheringham Lincolnshire in the next 6 months. Could you help? Mary WESTLAKE


Q. I would like a quote for moving from Truro tr1 3hj to Gunnislake pl189ls

Q. Afternoon. I live in Watford in Hertfordshire and moving to a village outside of Redruth in Cornwall begin of May. So what office do I need to contact? Knowing that it's either Bristol or Somerset that is closest to me. Regards Gary.

Q. What size is pack 2 box

Q. Do you take wardrobes apart

Q. Do you do packing?

Q. We are keen to book asap and would be grateful if you could call and confirm when you can go out and assess the access for delivery, so we can finalise the quote asap. Thank you.

Q. Is my furniture insured

Q. Are we able to change the date of hire once payment has been taken?

Q. Do you sell out boxes for people to have for moving house

Q. Hi, I am an ex Britannia southern employee and would like to purchase some boxes. I need 10 pack two's and 10 book boxes. I am happy to buy used boxes if available. Can you let me know the price and availability?. Kind regards Mark Smith

Q. Van hire saturday 16th april

Q. I want to move a desk from the top floor (second) of my house down to the garden and I want to move another desk from the basement to the top floor. The desks are too heavy for me to move by myself and neither do I have the skill to manoeuvre them round/down the staircases.

Q. How much will it cost to move from st Austell to south east Wales? We have quite a lot of stuff including garden machinery .Ilona

Q. We may need storage is it better to move Truro to Store then Store to Isle of Wight?

Q. What do you charge a week just for storage

Q. Hello. I am moving from St Ives Cornwall to Stratford Upon Avon. We have a relatively small amount of goods a chattels to move and would like a quote for the costs of this move. Kind regards, Mr F J Hughes

Q. Can you move a flat from Zurich Switzerland to London

Q. Good afternoon - Your company collected two sofas from St Merreyn in Cornwall last week and delivered them in Ilton, Somerset today. Both teams who delivered and collected these items were very professional / freindly and polite and also the office staff - Brilliant service and would highly recommend Lanes to anyone - many thanks - Steve.

Q. Can I have persons from your company to come to my home and pack all my items up for a removal ??

Q. I need a space for Welsh dresser 4 arm chairs 3ft x5ft drawer unit + a few small items for at least a years storage .

Q. Hi there, I have a baby grand piano which I need moving from my landlords house to mine, only about 40 metres. Is this something you can help with?

Q. Do you sell packing boxes

Q. Hi, could you tell me your account number & sort code to make a internet banking payment for my storage. Thank you

Q. Hi there My name is Ryan Radcliffe I'm 34 and wondering if you had any porter jobs going at the min I do have removal experience I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Ryan

Q. Opening hour

Q. Where is your storage in Bristol

Q. Freezer contents - how do we do this?

Q. Hi I would like to buy a removal pack. Do you have any available for pick up in truro? Best wishes Pip

Q. Hi, I'm looking for about a 150sqft space for 6 months initially. Have you got anything available? Thanks, Tim

Q. Have u got any jobs available I've done removals before

Q. What do you charge to move from storage to new house. Do you give quotes in writing

Q. Hi there When will my £150 deposit be payed back into my bank acount

Q. Do you take card for used boxes or is it cash only?

Q. Hi. Can I buy used boxes from you?

Q. Good morning. Could you please give me a rough price to collect 2x two seater sofas from St Merreyn in Cornwall and deliver them to Ilton ( Ilminster ) Somerset - Access good for rigid vehicle - many thanks.

Q. Are you available on 21 January please

Q. How much would you charge to move a small upright piano from Redruth to Bath. In no hurray so happy to wait a couple of months. Thanks.

Q. Hi I need a complete kitchen moved from Coylton to plymouth including cornices plinths worktops and a number of units. Iv tried to do a price guide but it only let's me do it for a whole house can u advise plz

Q. Can you give me a ballpark figure for moving a one bed flat (3rd floor, 37 stairs) in penge SE20 to be stored in yr facility in Cornwall. No lounge suite or wardrobes involved but fridge freezer and washing machine, bed base and headboard probably being the heaviest items- I can give you a more comprehensive list if it helps. My daughter relocating to Cornwall. We will pack w/beg 18th Jan with removal 20/21st January.

Q. Hi there. In may of this year my partner and I are moving from Cornwall (St. Austell) to Germany (Schmalkalden) and we would like a quote on how much this might cost? We have to move furniture of one bedroom, one living rumes (no sofa) and a washing machine as well as some bits and pieces.

Q. How much notice do require to fix a date for the move?

Q. When are you next open

Q. Dear Mark You recently collected 58 boxes from us after our move from Sussex. We had been assured by Britannia Beckwith that we should receive a refund for the returned boxes. Is this correct and how does this work? Many thanks Chris Child EX31 4QE

Q. Do you buy back packing boxes if they are returned to you in good condition?

Q. Please could you let me know if me quote for removal to Tiverton is ready. my email is

Q. If taking abroad only the amount that would fit in a transit box van what size container would I need

Q. Do you have availability on Saturday 12th Dec to move two sofas, a washing machine and tumble dryer, a sideboard, a double bed, some small tables and around ten packing boxes from a flat in Cotford St Luke to a cottage in Mount, near Bodmin. We are desperate as the previous company have let us down. I am hoping that a man with a van service would be the best option to try to keep costs low.

Q. Hi, I'd like to hire a luton for two days for a house move, how much would this be please? Thanks.

Q. Can I send Small shipment from Malag to Exeter

Q. What happens if you have to cancel because of problems with exchanging contracts?

Q. When do you close for Christmas

Q. How much notice do youneed as we might onlyhave 1/2 weeks to move in

Q. Hello, could you please let me ono if you provide long distance removal service? We move from lancaster to Falmouth, hank you!

Q. Can someone please contact me to provide quote. Thanks

Q. Does quote include garage and shed items

Q. On a standard move how many packing boxes are included in the price

Q. Hi, just seen one of your trucks with a trailer I think at Mijis Costa, right next to the sea. I have some items I would like brought over at your convience, not a lot cos the place is furnished. So I just asking re bicycle T.V. Hi.Fi Clothes and DVDS. I am directly opposite where you are delivering today 11/11/2015.

Q. Can I buy packing boxes from you

Q. How much does your self pack boxes cost please? And bubble wrap?

Q. I wish to purchase boxes of different sizes to pack myself for sel removal. On enquiring about this over the phone, why are you unable to give out box sizes and costs over the phone? To just ask me how many I want without giving me a size is just counterproductive. I will try elsewhere if you do not need the business.i requested the details from 01872470089

Q. We currently rent two self storage units, but may be vacating these soon. How much notice do you require?

Q. Hi how much would a 10sq ft storage area cost per week

Q. My quote has come up at £661.50 to move from Modbury to Plymouth 15 miles - when I moved from London to Modbury 250 miles I paid £500. I'm assuming there's a mistake?

Q. Hi are they any jobs going

Q. When hiring a a man and van does the time start when they leave the depot or when they arrive at the job?

Q. Is the quote plus vat

Q. Opening hours?

Q. Dear sirs, We are looking for a quote to collect a dining room table from Wimbledon in London and deliver it to Exeter. The table is located at 28 Winifred Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 3AS We would like it delivered to 136 Cowick Lane, Exeter, Devon, EX2 9HE The details of the table are as follows: 6 chairs 1.04m in height and .58m deep and .56m wide. 2 of the chairs have arms table top 1.12m x 1.80m long. 2 legs with 3 feet. .60m between feet, .73m high. 2 additional leafs 1.20 x .38m Please could you provide us with a quote as soon as possible. If you require any further information then please let me know on 07889225689. Best regards, Chris

Q. I rework for McClure solicitors. We are looking for serviced offices in Truro. Please e mail me these to

Q. Do you have storage units in france

Q. 2 men and a van hire for 2 hours

Q. What do you charge for transport mojacar, spain to london. by volume, by box? Melanie Wangler

Q. Do you do personal shredding

Q. What items can go in storage

Q. Do you do just a packing service

Q. Hi My name is Philip Deakin. I'm trying to find out Have you got any porter/drivers mate going? If you could let me know It would be greatly appreciated, Thank you. P.L.Deakin

Q. We are looking to move on Tuesday 10th November as I believe it is cheaper at the beginning of the week. If we were to use Lanes , do you provide packing boxes as well? Kind regards

Q. Secondhand boxes

Q. How long does it it to get the deposit back?

Q. We are in the early stages of selling our house in South London and buying a property at Heybrook Bay, near Plymouth. The access road to the new property is private, no through and not particularly wide (probably room for one car with some on road parking spaces, one opposite the house). The drive of the house has room for at least two to three cars. How would you organise such a move? Would it be possible to transport our contents to Devon and then reload into smaller vans? I assume you know Devon well and would be able to assess the situation. Your answer would help us plan our move which might take place towards the end of October. Many thanks. Edward

Q. Please provide us with a firm quote, thank you.

Q. I am looking to hire a 7.5 tonne vehicle from you in the next few weeks i can give dates at the moment but as i am a heavy goods driver do i need to use a tacho card as it is for private use?

Q. Do we have to pay up front

Q. Do you do removals on a saturday

Q. Can you ship 2 or 3 boxes from Cornwall to Perth, Australia

Q. Can I arrange for a quote?

Q. I have not received my quote from you Brian Canning Malvern. Ann is dealing with it

Q. What are your storage rates for self store units

Q. Could you please send someone to give a quote for moving from Burnham on Sea to Thetford Norfolk Thank you 01278 79 2223

Q. What is the size of your storage containers?

Q. Hi, we live in Bridgwater and want to move to Cornwall. How much is it for van and storage please?

Q. What is the nearest storage to worcester

Q. Hi. I bought 5 x confidential waste sacks on 27.7.15 for business use. How do I get the vat invoice?? Thanks

Q. Im looking for removal of flat from North Surrey to Barnstaple

Q. Hi, does it cost extra to get blankets and straps when hiring a van? Thanks Matt

Q. We are planning move to cornwall,small van for boxes and 3 small pieces of furniture and 4 plasma tvs,a bit vague,can you advise

Q. Does your quote include VAT

Q. Opening hours

Q. The figure of £802 for a move from a small flat on gjround to small on ground Surrey to Barnstaple is too high

Q. Can i buy boxes

Q. Do you accept House removals from North Surrey/London to Barnstaple

Q. Availability for a move from Pouughill Bude to Maldon Essex completion date of 27th august

Q. Do you sell bags I can fill then return to you for confidential shredding, please?

Q. Admin job

Q. Do you take ceramic pots with plants and a 9 foot tree?

Q. Do you allow your staff to take their children with them? Just a general question.


Q. Can we arrange a removal please call on Monday 3 August Andrew on 07714236951 before 10am. Thanks

Q. Hi my name is Tye Landricombe l have just been made redundant and looking for a job l am 25years old fit and healthy and currently learning to drive able to work as and when and willing to work for any wage if you any vacancys please contact me on 01752784643 or email many thanks Tye Landricombe

Q. Hello, do you store cars at Truro, and if so, how much does it cost?

Q. We want to move a Welsh Dresser from Reading to St Ives, to be collected before 4/8 and delivered after 7/8. It divides into two parts, the cupboard and the shelf unit. Thanks

Q. Could you please tell me how much the large packing boxes are, and what the dimensions are.

Q. Size of storage containers

Q. Terms and conditions

Q. Is there an upper age limit for vehicle hire?

Q. Bristol opening hours for van hire?

Q. What time do you start to pac

Q. What is your telephone number in devon

Q. Do you transport cars

Q. Do you store cars please?

Q. Moving to cardiff from guildford. packed up the 3 bed house about 550 cubic need a van and men to pick it up and drive it there and take the boxes out at desintation thx

Q. Just moved to cornwall from Oxfordshire do you collect other companies used boxes?

Q. Moving from north London N22 7PW to TR11 4SL Please forward Inventory List

Q. Hi there, what temperature control system do you have in place to ensure that items are not subject to condensation? Thanks, Dee

Q. Can u move a ride on lawnmower

Q. Cancelation policy

Q. Do you do a shared move? My daughter is moving a small amount of belongings ( less than a transit van) from London to Truro.

Q. Does my quote include VAT?

Q. Packing straps

Q. Does the price include boxes and bubble wrap?

Q. Hi just wanting to enquire if you have any lorries going from southwest to Northern Ireland? If yes would you be able to take contents of house?

Q. Do you hire 7.5ton trucks

Q. Is there any jobs going as an apprentice?

Q. Does the estimate include VAT?

Q. How much would it cost to move furniture and belongings from one bedroom from Truro to the Exeter storage facility, and have them stored there for 8 weeks? Furniture is 1 double bed, 1 desk, 1 bookcase and 2 bedside tables.

Q. Hi, I'm moving to West Devon from Essex on the 2nd July and I have 3 pieces of furniture which need to be stored then have them delivered to me in Devon (they can be put in storage any time before the 2nd July). A transit van will beable to reach my cottage and the three items will be going straight into my garage.

Q. Dear Whom it may concern, I phoned moments ago in regards to 3 storage units. I was just wondering if the units are in side or outside? Many thanks Stephanie

Q. Quote please

Q. I would be grateful for a quote and further info - I am moving 16th July from Oxfordshire to St Ives, Cornwall

Q. What is the price for storing a Caravan and have you got any spaces. please contact me on 07888664883

Q. Hi, we have about half a transit size amount of cartons etc. (no furniture) but the move is from Worcester to Frankfurt. Do you do such a distance for so little belongings?

Q. I would like a quote please for removal and storage of some furniture to be later delivered to Norfolk

Q. Bank holiday opening truro

Q. Do you handle moved from Europe? We are moving to Exeter from Vienna. We have the contents of a 3 bed house (approx 50 - 60 sq meter) to bring.

Q. Do you store before moving date

Q. About how much does it cost to store the contents of a three bedroom end house per month up to six months or a year please

Q. Insurance

Q. Do you do Wardrobe boxes.? how do you do the pack & move ?

Q. Are you able to move grand pianos?

Q. I may need to transport a stair carpet from Hexham to Plymouth.Are you able to do this at some stage? Kind regards Ian Knights

Q. Do the drive up units have internal lights

Q. I am looking for a job

Q. How often do you take part loads up country to West Sussex?

Q. I have some of your boxes after my move with you. If you would like them back please arrange to pick then up. Pl 25 5JZ. 01726 66854

Q. We are moving 2 miles up the road with storage for 3-4 weeks. The house is half packed. only furniture to protect and china/glass to pack up. Do you seal all into a box for storage? what price are you to do a half pack?

Q. Hi there thanks for the quote, as I can not drive any because of my Heath, can your van take us Down there or not, thanks again

Q. Please call to arrange quote

Q. How much is it to rent a van for the day, eg next Thursday? Big enough for most furniture, eg sofa, double bed, but not necessarily any larger than that?Thanks.

Q. Dear Sir / Madam, I am emailing you on behalf of Sydenham ABC. We are currently looking for a new sponsor. Due to being an amateur boxing club that travels the country partaking in boxing shows we would be able to offer your company country wide advertising. As I'm sure you can understand due to the boxing club being situated in a deprived area of Bridgwater, Somerset we do find it difficult to secure funding for equipment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading this email and would like to think that you would seriously consider becoming our main sponsor. Kind regards Lorna Griffiths

Q. Hello - my daughter is interested in bidding on an organ on eBay. It is in Devon, and we are in Winchester. It’s 1.28cm wide. Is this something you would do? Would you be able to give me a quote for it? I have in the past paid a small fee for a part load, or to transport something on the return journey when the van would be empty. Might this be a possibility? Thank you very much. Catherine Hartley

Q. How to trace if shredding has benn done

Q. Who do I contact to make a complaint about one of your drivers speeding in a built up area and driving to close to vehicle in front.


Q. We're moving from a 3 bed semi in tamerton foliot to a 2 be semi in widewell . .I will be packing all my items

Q. Could I have an rough estimate of cost for a full pack of 65 cubic meters, for a local removal in Truro

Q. Part loads

Q. How would I immigrate to Canada?

Q. Job vacancy Truro

Q. Can you take a sofa from Okehampton to St Lo Normandy and if so how much. My mail is j.f.barker@

Q. Hi, I need to move the contents of a 20ft container (house move goods) - what size of Luton do you think would be best to hire?

Q. Jobs

Q. Hi, I am looking in to storage of my furniture for 2-3 weeks to cover us leaving our rental property in Devon until we complete on our purchase in St Ives in Cornwall. we are looking to load up in Devon and store everything in the loading container locally and then when we complete, take it to St Ives. Could you give me a quote for this? Many thanks, Amy

Q. I need you to supply the boxes for a 2 bedroom flat, plus deliver it to Gosport, there will be no furniture but there will be a scooter can you help me with a price please.....Peter Parsons

Q. Do u have any full time jobs going

Q. Jobs

Q. What documents do you need to hire a van?

Q. Are there items you do not carry eg gas?

Q. Are you open on Thursday and Friday this week? We wanted to pop in to arrange our removal and storage. Thanks.

Q. Any driving jobs out of exeter

Q. Christmas opening?

Q. Good afternoon, I am writing to ask whether you have any part time/temporary positions available? I have worked in the removals business for the past 4 years under proper job removals and I am available every day early morning until 3pm and have a full driving license (driving up to 3.5t vehicles). My contact number is 07877786936, kind regards, Simon.

Q. Hello, I would like to get a quote for a transport from Cornwall until Greece. I would like to transport a small tractor that I have bought, it' s dimensions are: 2 m/ 1m / 2m weight: 650 Kg Best Regards, Noémie jacazio +30 69069 28085

Q. Can I know your email address for an request of estimation removal service and self-storage?

Q. Can I collect a bag from your depict in Truro

Q. How much would it be to transport a 2 seater settee from plymouth to Southampton.

Q. Hi, I am buying a fiat van bulk head from truro, I just wondered if you can get it onto one of your loads anywhere in Lancashire so I can pick up please Dave 07770565284

Q. Hello, do you do moves from bristol to northern ireland?

Q. Can you move a sofa bed from Chulmleigh to Burgess Hill west Sussex as a part load and what is the approximate costs?

Q. Could you give me a quote to take a 160 x 200 x 66 bed from Exeter to central Paris

Q. When do you close for Xmas and for how long

Q. I need a load of books - quite a few cartons - to go from Sandford, Devon, to Bristol. What do you advise?


Q. I am looking to move house in January and I would to know if I use any type of box to pack my things before I book your services?

Q. What would it cost to collect a spray booth from London to penzance ?Needs a 7.5 ton with tail lift

Q. How much deposit

Q. Directions from Truro College?

Q. Can I pick up the "small" movers kit from the Truro depot?

Q. One cardboard box to USA weight 19kg thanyou

Q. Can I get an approximate quote for moving household goods = 1 studio (some small furniture units and boxes) from Belfast to Andover?

Q. Can you do a quote for moving a Cast- iron bath from Wadebridge area to Preston, Lancs. and returning it about 3 weeks later? Thanks

Q. Can you remove and store for us?

Q. I am looking for an urgeny delivery to Liverpool. Can you help.

Q. Would like a quote for moving from st ives cornwall to colchester essex

Q. Hi my name is ian price and am enquiring to see if you have any porter job at the moment if yes I would be interested in applying for one.If you would like me to send you my cv I would gladly. Many thanks ian price

Q. Dear team I would be grateful if you could give me a quote for moving and storing (for say one year while she decides which items she will need here) the very limited furniture of a lady of 90 who lives in Lancaster in a Care Home and is planning to relocate to Exeter this month. Her furniture is all in one room and comprises a bed, two wardrobes, a high and a low chest of drawers, a book case, a bedside table, four occasional tables, a reclining chair, a Lloyd loom chair, a TV, a lampstand, two mirrors, three pictures and a few ornaments/vases. Of these I imagine the bed, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and say two of the tables will need to go into storage as I am sure she will want to use the other items in her new room. Many thanks for your help. Yours sincerely Mary

Q. Could you please give me a quote to move a 2bed bungalow from mount hawke to st austell

Q. Do u have any jobs in your truro based company

Q. Storage prices

Q. Do you have storage facilities near Bath?

Q. Have u got a transit vehicle available on tue 27th aug for one day

Q. Hi We are looking for storage in Exeter for our boat. Including trailer it's 20ft. Is there internal and external storage available and what's the cost. Thanks James

Q. Hi there, Can you also do a move from Italy back to Cornwall? David

Q. I cannot afford the hire of a full van & I only have a sofa, table and chairs and books that I want to move from Wolverhampton to Glastonbury town centre. Is anyone else moving items on this route on the 19th or 20th of August who is interested in sharing the costs?

Q. Is St. Ives to Paisley possible ? thank you

Q. Are you free to do a pack and move Weds 20th August - large 4 bed house - 10 miles between houses? Thanks

Q. Please could you let me know if you do part loads from London to Cornwall and what your charges are? Thank you D Egerton-Smith

Q. How do you pack tvs

Q. Hi, What are the approx sizes you consider a small , medium or large one bedroom property in price guide calculator

Q. Please email and not call as phone does not always work. moving from a 2/3 bed bungalow half a mile to a 3 bed house. disabled so need you to do the lifting and carrying

Q. Cost of small van load from torquay to leicester

Q. I have a house removal from germany to cornwall,but money is scarse,what is the cheapest quote for a return load

Q. Can you quote me price per cubic foot for self storage with 100% access and warehouse storage with no access

Q. Can we hire two professional house removers to help us pack into a Luton van the contents of a 2 bedroomed flat at THRIPLOW near Royston on 26th July in the afternoon and then employ 2 men to help unload at Wellington in Somerset on 27th July 2014?

Q. How much for padlock

Q. How much for storage

Q. I have received a quote from Matt whose email is Sarah.Lane, and wish to speak to him. What is his tel no?

Q. How much to store a 5.4m Motorhome ?

Q. Can you ship my 20ft container from Torquay to Clydeport? It is packed, locked and ready to go. How much?

Q. Removal insurance

Q. Do you offer a service moving shrubs which would need digging up? If not could you arrange to subcontract this aspect of a move within Devon from Exeter to Dartmouth?

Q. Can I download a copy of your terms and conditions please?

Q. How much is storage on a monthly basis? Downsizing so need to store some furniture and other belongings.

Q. Do you do removals from North Devon to Menorca?

Q. How do i measure the cubic feet or meters of the items we need to move.

Q. Do you move things to Ireland?

Q. Hi I am likely to be moving to Bristol from Belfast, Northern Ireland in the next few months and was wondering if you would do this move, or have a sister company that would?


Q. Can you transport lots of plants in pots

Q. Do you offer part load removal?

Q. How much does long term storage cost without access?

Q. If items go into storage will there be any movement before transfer to new address

Q. Cost of long term storage

Q. We need a quote to return from Spain, and storage for up to 12 months part container . Alicante to Truro .

Q. Where is your office

Q. Do you supply Boxes etc

Q. Does this this price guide include moving from old house , storage for 1 week , and redelivery to new house please

Q. How to return boxes

Q. I have around 400-500 dvd's & video's I need to move from plymouth to london What prices could I be looking at thank you.

Q. If I bring about two sacks of papers for shredding to the Truro site, how much will this cost for shredding, please?

Q. How would I go about applying for a job with Britannia Lanes ?.

Q. Hi I am looking for a replacement truck for my removal company. 18 ton, 5 pallet double sleeper cab required. Do you have any ex fleet vehicles available. Regards. Andrew Webster

Q. Pet removal

Q. Please quote me to bring a trunk (120x60x45) from Almeria in Spain back to Hayle in Cornwall

Q. Moving a vehicle to New Zealand

Q. From UK to USA can client pack their belongings and list contents?

Q. Hi, Does your quote include ferry costs & how many men does that include? Thank you!

Q. Do you sell packing boxes

Q. How much do you charge for storage,I have my things in storage at the moment waiting for a house purchase to go through.please advise,regards Lesley Routs.E.Mail Thanks.

Q. How much will it cost to store a 17 ft caravan please

Q. Prices

Q. I sent an enquiry over a week ago through your online system but have had no response yet. Please advise how best to get a quote from you, Regards, Gemma Moffatt (email:

Q. Your depots are in Devon,Cornwall etc - how do you have an estimater check a customer's goods? Would you send a van all the way to Scotland to deliver to Lincolnshire?

Q. How much would it cost for a full house removal,from bodmin to Dudley west midlands

Q. For France delivery of boxes which contact in the uk

Q. You have auseless web site.It does not give Devon for moving and states the email address is invalid

Q. Hi Is Cornwall branch providing a drop off point to be relayed to Somerset for the flood victims

Q. Quote for van hire

Q. Could you move furniture from the north of spain to bristol or do we have to use a local company

Q. What is the charge for a Luton Van about 15 ft long for the day and is there a limit milage

Q. Shame about e mail some of us our not e mailers

Q. Do you do part loads?

Q. What are your rates for caravan storage?

Q. What do you charge for packing?

Q. Who is in charge of your truro depot


Q. Hello I am looking for a job and wonder if you have any going in Bridgwater

Q. Do you part loads ?

Q. Do you charge mileage

Q. Hi sorry for the intrusion. I run a Removal Business based on the Isle of Wight. We recently had a 18ton 5 Container Truck catch fire on the M4 (every body's nightmare). We are currently looking for a replacement, if you have anything in your fleet due to be replaced please contact me with details. We are also looking to replace 7.5ton 3 Container truck as well but 15-18 ton is priority, must be 5 container. Thank you for your time John Atkins Mew the Movers Isle of Wight Tel 01983 566664 Sent from my iPad Sent from my iPad

Q. We are moving to Cwmbran, I can't get a quote, why's that?

Q. Are the boxes included in the 2 quotes you have given me?

Q. Hi there, do you do vehicle storage as well?

Q. Can I hire a van from cornwall and drop it off at your Maidstone branch

Q. How do I contact your managing director? To help in resolving a complaint?

Q. What are your opening hours

Q. Dear Sir We need to move furniture from Winchester, store near Exter for 5 months & then delivery new house Newton Abbot. Start 4th Oct. How Much ?

Q. Hi. Also, do you have an unpacking service at the arrival destination and do you charge for dismantling bedS?

Q. Hi. I've just been onto your price calculator. Does this price include insurance?Thanks. Emma.

Q. Height of trucks?

Q. Vacancies at Truro Depot

Q. Are your guide prices inclusive of vat and insurance

Q. Rough price for 3 bedroom bungalow warrington to Dartmouth, self packing

Q. Hello, Just e-mailing to see if you could give me an accurate quote for the above estimate please? We are moving from Penryn to Cheddar next Friday, have a medium sized 3 bedroomed house and garden shed. Many thanks, Ruth Simmons.

Q. I want to have the contents of a three-bedroom bungalow removed, stored for a month, then delivered to another house, both houses being in south Devon. Can you give me any idea of the likely costs? Thanks,

Q. Nature of insurance cover

Q. How much do you charge for storing items please

Q. Do you supply boxes, wrapping etc

Q. How much notice do you need

Q. How to make insurance claim

Q. Can you do a flat move from London to Cornwall?

Q. Please can you email me this quote

Q. I think I would like to use your 'man and van' service. Should I arrange for a pre-move assessment, or would you be able to advise me on size of van 1 or 2 men if I provided a list of furniture to be moved?

Q. Do you do caravan storage

Q. Hi, I would like to enquire about availability and cost to have a Kayak / Paddle, shipped from Plymouth Devon to Ras Al Khaimah UAE. the Kayak is approx 2700 x 450 x 360 mm. Ideally I would like to have the Kayak collected / dropped off during the 2nd week in July, Arrival in the UAE is less important, as I will not be back until the end of August, leaving it to be shipped at a convienient time for yourselves. Regards John Perkins

Q. I wish to ship an old tin trunk full of personal effects to the USA, where do i begin ?

Q. Hi,could you please let me know if there is somewhere in London I could drop off your van if i self drive it one way ?

Q. I am a students. I need 2 boxes and 3 days of storage ,plus delivery to new flat in Bristol

Q. I am trying to get a rough idea of price for moving the contents of a 3 bedroom house (keeping it in storage for 1 month) and then moving it back to a new property. Both in Frome Somerset. Would it be possible to give me a rough idea, so i can work out if it's feasible? Thanks

Q. Hello could i hire a van to move my things back to dorset uk from empoli florence. how much would it be for approx weeks hire for a high based long wheel van

Q. Could you deliver to a storage facility if needed ?

Q. Please give approx monthly cost of container storage (minimum of 6 months) for house contents of a four bedroom house, plus conservatory, plus two utility rooms, plus office.

Q. Do you charge a waiting time waiver?

Q. Training

Q. Why do you put people's personal questions and contact nos under your FAQs section on the website?

Q. Could we arrange a formal quotation for move from Catcott to Newton Abbot in Late June / early July? Many thanks BEN BARLABA 075308979708

Q. Looking for a backload for any space to bring empty wine barrels back from France to the midlands

Q. Do you have a depot in Southern Spain - Manilva area.

Q. Does this include VAT?

Q. I need to move a small amount of furniture from Surrey to Bodmin area, do you have empty vans coming back that can take a small load

Q. Price to store a boat

Q. How much would it cost to move from Tamworth Staffs to Tuckingmill Camborne and store for possibly 3weeks. A2bd bungalow

Q. Hi Just had a rough quote using your online calculator, of £954 for 2 bed house moving up to 350 miles, how many Cu Ft have you estimated at this price Regards

Q. How much is it

Q. How much would it cost to move to Scotland from Newquay.

Q. Do you sell boxes and bubble wrap?

Q. What time does your self storage open on a Saturday?

Q. Hi we are looking for a table and 8 chairs to be collected from TR16 4EA and deliverd to 16210 France. Is this some thing that you do. Regards John

Q. Please advise self storage costs for approx. 35sqft (7x5x5?), per month for 9-12 months. In Exeter.

Q. Do you have any class c driver vacancies at your truro depot?

Q. Hi I have a table 5x3ft and 4 chairs and a dishwasher I would like moving from Middlesex to Wadebridge sometime in the next 6 weeks, can you tell me how much this will cost please? thanks

Q. Boat storage quote

Q. Whats the minimum hire period for a self store unit?

Q. Do you provide boxes?

Q. Any hgv driver vacancies @ truro

Q. Hi just a question what happens to contents of self store if customer never returns for example , do the contents go to auction?

Q. Hi there I wonder if you will be able to assist me with a quote, were are just starting of the process of moving from our two bedroomed apartment to a new building. The problem is that our buyer would like to move in before our new property is ready, hence my dilemma. The buyer would like to complete in the middle of April but our property wont be ready until the end of June, so we will be looking for a holiday let to cover us over this period. Alternatively we may well arrange a short term let, which would mean we would need our furniture. Would you be able to provide me with a quote for removal, storage and then delivery. Also for removal, delivery, and again removal delivery. Our property is in Exminster and the new build is also in Exminster. Many thanks

Q. Cost of storage

Q. Please quote for a self store lock up. Either Bristol or Truro

Q. Do you take part loads abroad?

Q. Hi do you remove cars? If so, could you confirm whether you take care of the payment of the item?

Q. Is there a base in lancashire

Q. Hello I have 10cbm from EX36 to IP11 Load next week and delivery within a wek or so. Goods are for export to N Cyprus, so I need 6cbm to be wrapped by your guys? Thansk neil 0151 207 9991

Q. Can you give me a quote for storing the equivalent of a one bed flat for a month, self moving. Many thanks

Q. Please can you tell me how much you charge per week/month?

Q. Hi there We will be relocating to Brisbane in April and will be taking personal household goods and possibly our car. I would appreciate it if you could let me know if you can organize a 20ft container which would combine the shipping of the car in the same container as our goods? If so what would the approximate costs be for the transport to Brisbane from Bristol, UK? How long does a container take to arrive in Brisbane? If the car/goods combination is not possible could you let me know what my alternatives might be re the car and/or the personal goods. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards Kath

Q. Hi, spoke on phone. now have date - Mon 22nd April and can we have storage until Mon 29th please? ( while painting done)

Q. Job vacancies

Q. Are you able to ship domestic effects from Phuket to Bridgwater?

Q. Do you sell cardboard boxes

Q. Insurance

Q. Do you sell packing chips

Q. Hi, my mother had some boxes depart Cornwall on 2.10.2012, I was wondering if you could advise ETA in New Zealand please, her Waybill number is LO35574/Q1/A. Thankyou kathy Taylor

Q. As somebody wishing to move soon, I have done my "homework" and read all the literature I can, this has left my with one or two questions. Q1: The main site of Brittania International describes Brittania as the biggest Independant mover, what does the independant mean? Q2: A major feature appears to be the "Advance Payment Guarantee" are Brittania Franchises going bust or out of business so frequently that this is a major issue?

Q. Car storage


Q. Do you have safety deposit boxes

Q. Part load

Q. Do we need to use your boxes and must your men pack our stuff

Q. Do you hold sales of storage lots that are abbandoned/ unpaid


Q. I just want to store office overflow. Smallest unti available probably.

Q. Do you still sell used boxes please and can I still come on site to pick up please?

Q. Do you rent trolleys and ramps

Q. Please quote me storage in Exeter for about 40 boxesof books etc.

Q. Boxes

Q. Do you offer discount for HM Forces personnel moving into their own houses?

Q. Hi, I'd like to know how much it would be to rent the space for us to store most of the contents of our 3 bed house. There won't be loads of personal effects as we've stashed those in a relatives house, but still have the furniture from a 3 bed house. I'd like a rolling monthly price as we don't know how long we'll need the storage for, probably 3-6 months though. I'd prefer drive up storage assuming that is dry enough for sofas, mattresses etc to not get damp. Thanks Mike

Q. Jobs

Q. Can you move 2 tables from bath to australia

Q. Hi, i have booked a van for 1st December, would i be able to bring the hire date forward, and if so will this cost me extra?

Q. Are you likely to have an empty van returning to Cornwall from Birmingham or beyond around 14 December. If so will I get a special reate for this?

Q. We live in West Sussex. Would you come here to move us to Devon?

Q. We'll probably need our stuff to go into storage between December 7- 21. Is that do-able?

Q. Hi I was just wondering how much your caravan storage is

Q. Is this inclusive of VAT

Q. Car vehicle transport/removal

Q. What do we need in the way of id to pick up a van we have hired

Q. How much is the deposite for hiring a luton

Q. Do you do storage unit auctions

Q. What is your availability in November? Could we have a full quote?

Q. Thanks but I have had less expensive quotes for both removal and sotrage

Q. How much to move a fridge freezer from Topsham to Woodbury (about 4 miles?)

Q. What is the cost of storage for the contents pf a small home, please?

Q. What size are your units?

Q. How much per tea chest size box from devon to malta

Q. Does this price include VAT and insurance please

Q. Hi would you store a quad bike ??

Q. Can we buy boxes and bubble wrap from you?

Q. Dear Sir / Madam, I moved from Truro Hospital to Torquay Hospital on the 26th August 2012. I rang up and asked for a quote for a panel van to hire for 24hrs (0800hrs 26/07/12 - 0800hrs 27/07/2012) and you gave it to me over the phone. I ended up finding a friend with a van who helped me move. However, as I am claiming moving expenses from work they would like me to provide evidence of 2 alternative quotes for removals. Would you possibly be able to email me with what your quote is for 24hrs hire of a panel van, and if at all possible mention that it was for the dates above. I'm sorry to have to ask. Many thanks for your help. Kind regards, Rory Macnair (

Q. How much does it cost to store something?

Q. Do you sell webbing ties for securing furniture in a van

Q. How much would it cost for a roughly 10 foot squared storage container in exeter for household items per month?

Q. I want to store a luton's worth of possessions on a rolling week system

Q. Hi can you give me a price to deliver a trail bike from Torquay to the Algarve in portugal, Many thanks Mrs Gillian Wood


Q. How much is self storage?

Q. Campervan staorage

Q. Is there any hgv class 2 jobs available in cornwall or devon please.

Q. What size storage units?

Q. Opening Hours

Q. Hi. I have a van booked with you later this week. Please can you let me know exactly what I have to bring with me in order to collect the van (driving license, utility bills etc?). Thank you.

Q. How much for 3mx3m or smaller for 12 months

Q. Could we arrange a visit to give us a firm quote

Q. I need to move from Spain to uk . Storage in Plymouth needed . Have app 31cm

Q. Do you think you may have any portering vacancies coming up in the near future from your Truro branch. Thanks

Q. Hi, do you sell new or used packing boxes?

Q. Do you hire dollies

Q. Hi, I need a piano moving from near Southampton to Crediton (near Exeter) and was wondering if you were doing a move that matched whether I could pay for it to be put on the lorry at the same time as the move?

Q. Do you have a Luton box van with tail lift available for collection on the 6 October & return 08.30 on the 8th October 2012, if yes please advice cost, journey is to Southampton & return. Regards David Robinson

Q. Would you be free to do a move from Cheltenham to Cornwall next week?

Q. Prices to store caravan monthly

Q. Cost please for , say, three boxes to the south of Spain. boxes delivered to you at Bridgwater

Q. I have a unit at Exeter Am I able to access it on Saturdays?

Q. Are ratchet straps available to hire?

Q. With self drive van hire are we able to travel to France?

Q. How much a week to store a caravan

Q. Dear Sir I would like to thank you for the fantastic service I received from your staff at 821 Bath Rd, Bristol. I hired a high top van, via the internet, from the Bristol depot, to enable me to move house. When I arrived on Friday the 10th of August I was met by an extremely helpful gentleman who guided me through the process. Customer care is clearly at the forefront of this employees mind and dealing with him was an absolute pleasure. The van he had prepared for me was spotless inside and out, I don't just mean a wipe around with a damp cloth, this was showroom condition. It was obvious that this chap took a lot of pride in the vehicles he supplied and the service he provided. When I returned the van the process was just as painless and dealt with by different, and equally as helpful male employee. Based on the value for money, vehicle condition and customer care Britannia Lanes have given me I am recommending you to everyone I know. I look forward to dealing with you again in the near future. Kind regards S Henwood

Q. Hi there, I am looking for a storage facility for next summer (long term). I have about half a standard garage full of kit - how much is that likely to cost a month to store ? Thanks Ian Johnson

Q. How much would it be to have a 50 square foot storage container for a year for storage of paperwork

Q. Ho w much for a unit of 9x12 roughly

Q. Do you sell boxex

Q. How much is storage?

Q. Please provide details for motorhome storage, and your location

Q. I dealt with your company in Exeter when we moved to spain now unforunately my husband has passed away and will be requiring your services once again as I will be moving back to the exeter area and will probably require a small storage space

Q. If I hire a van on a Saturday, am I charged for 2 days because I cannot return it on a Sunday?

Q. We spoke yesterday regarding transport of single pallet from Bristol to Malaga, Spain. Can you contact me on 34 636243007. Thanks, Jeff

Q. Please can you call me to discuss a quote as we will be moving most items ourselves, just items that are too big to fit in a car need moving around 24/8, distance is approx 1 mile, thanks

Q. Can you please give me a rough idea what the cost would be of self storage (for residential/domestic purposes) of a space of say 30sq ft. Thank you Peter Garrard

Q. Hi there I am looking for a storage solution to take care of house hold goods needing up to 100 sq ft of space. Beds, sofas chairs, clothes kitchen equipment etc. This will be packed in London and brought down to somerset where I have family. Storage will be for between 1-3 years. I am willing to prepay they first year. Please send me your suggested storage solutions and costs, ideally with further discounts for years 2 and 3 if purchased. Prices should include any VAT and insurance to a value of GBP15k. Any advise on how to store beds and upholstered furniture would be appreciated. Rob.

Q. Do you supply boxes?

Q. Jobs for porters in Exeter

Q. I am moving on the 29th June Friday. can you move me on that date

Q. We returned 2 full homeshred bags to you on 29 May, how do we track their progress? regards David SPLASHBACK

Q. Does removal price quote on site include VAT?

Q. How much cubic feet is in your 7.5 ton lorry

Q. Hi Could you please advise whether you de-assemble the furniture (wardrobes, bed) before removing if and re-assemble it on a new place? Thanks Svetlana

Q. Discount?

Q. Bubble wrap?

Q. Are you opeb on bank holidays

Q. Can i pay for delivery of my goods on your web site

Q. Can you give a guestimate on moving us from Great Yarmouth Norfolk to Truro probably just less than one big waggon load.

Q. I need to have a dresser shipped from Bristol to Boston, MA USA. How do go about this?

Q. Can you supply boxes and bubble wrap?

Q. How much does it cost?

Q. Is packing included in the price?

Q. Dear sir/madam, Im a young man currently working in an office and looking for more of a physical challenge, I spend most of my time in the gym and would love to work for a removal company. looking forward to hearing from you, Ross (bristol)

Q. Do you do storage auctions

Q. Insurance

Q. Please ring me about damage done by your vehicle outside my home in Truro this morning

Q. Hi there could you e mail me a price list of your carboard boex my e mail address is many thanks ben


Q. ?restricted access at both ends?

Q. Will you move calor gas bottles for bbq's with a regular house move?

Q. How much notice do you need before I book? Completion date not yet agreed

Q. I am looking for a quote to remove me fromm Roosendaal, south of Holland to Tavistock, but need my furniture put into storage nearby, would that be Plymouth, and can you quote?

Q. How much would it cost to move a round pine dining table from Penzance to Severn Beach(near Bristol)?

Q. When will the packagibg and boxes web site be up and running ?

Q. How much for self store?

Q. Is it possible to move on a Saturday ?, if so would that increase the cost ?.

Q. Do you do mini bus hire

Q. Downsize to 3 bedrooms no bed furniture is the price still the same

Q. Could you collect a small number of items from CM6 3SW to BS28 4BZ this coming week?

Q. How much per week is it to hire 8 cub meters storage space? Thanks glennis

Q. Can i arrange on site estimate re packing service

Q. I am seeking a quotation for the following removal and storage requirements. Removal from TR15 3AE into storage on 13 April 2012 prior to moving into new property at PL25 3RQ on 20 April 2012.

Q. Hi,I would like a quote, I want to buy a engine in the uk ,have it collected by you packed in a crate and sent to

Q. Hello i am a memeber of a carnival club in bridgwater called the british flag ( we are on the look out for a local firm to sponsor us . we have a lorry unit where you could have your name and on the nights of carnival the road crew would have your name on their boiler suits ... we are looking for the company with the right image and someone we could work with ... thanks for your time and hope to hear back from you ...

Q. Hiya - want to know about caravan storage in Bristol in terms of cost and access for removal and replacement back onto site? Thanks

Q. Will my self storage rates go up now VAT was added in the budget.

Q. Do you do removals on saturday?

Q. Hello i was considering a unit for my business stock it is coming from china and may be on pallets do you have a fork lift to help move from van to storage unit many thanks

Q. Opening hours

Q. Can you give me a quote for self storage from end of March? I'd like a quote for 8, 10 and 12 square metres (by 2 metres high) Regards, Ed Baker

Q. Shared removals

Q. How much does self storage cost?

Q. We need to move urgently, 22nd March, would you be able to do that date?

Q. Cost of packing boxes

Q. Do you provide packing materials?

Q. Could you please tell me how much it is to order bags for shredding and then for collection?

Q. I want to be moving house very soon but have numerous items such as furniture and boxed items, stored in the loft and shed. I would like to know the weekly cost for me to store these items until we move.

Q. Can I store a horse box at your Bridlington site please. What costs would be involved.

Q. Could I fit a 10 foot diameter trampoline in the Luton van?

Q. Can you give me a quote for a 7.5 tonne plus driver from SL7 3NG to TR2 4NX on 16th March

Q. Self store tariff

Q. I'm interested in a weekly price figure for a self store unit of approx 100sqf. At Bristol - please advise. Thanks

Q. Do you have any backloads for london to cornwall within the next week? i need a printer picking up from london which is 3m long?

Q. How much to store a caravan

Q. How much would it cost monthly to store the contents of a student flat please

Q. If we hire a van from Cornwall, how much a day. We are transporting from Camborne to Barry, South Wales. And can we then drive the van to your Bristol depot afterwards?

Q. Where to find you

Q. Price of boxes

Q. Who do i make cheque payable too

Q. Jobs

Q. How do i apply for a job application form

Q. I am looking for a quote on self storage only. size 9ft x 8ft x 8ft, for 3 - 6 months at least.

Q. My step dad died just before Christmas and I have a few pieces of furniture that I would like bringing down from Rugby, Warwickshire to Redruth. I think it is a double bed, a 3 seater sofa, a single armchair, a wooden double garden seat and may be a couple of big garden plant pots. Terry Ann Crofts

Q. Can i cancel my van hire

Q. Will you move us from france to cornwall

Q. I would like a price list for self-storage units please. the website ( is not opening. thanks.

Q. Are you able to help us with a part load removal from Newcastle upon Tyne to Bristol? We have a bedroom worth of stuff to move, approx one Luton van volume and are looking to move sometime after 11th Feb.

Q. Cost of hiring self store unit

Q. Can we get removal boxes from you in advance

Q. Luton van 24hrs with tail lift total cost of hire

Q. How much each are the packing cases.

Q. Im based near Truro, cornwall and im looking to put all my house itmes into storage for a few months how much would it cost? many thanks

Q. Will you be able to move us on the 28th January?

Q. Not sure if i have time to pack? if i do it maybe ok ,how much?

Q. I live in Windmill Hill Bristol and am moving out for one month while decorating takes place. As I'm going to a furnished place I don't need a removal service in the usual sense but need quite a lot of stuff including sofa and other furniture put into storage to make it easier for decorators and carpet fitters. As I don't have a car, can I have someone come and see what needs moving into storage, and have a quote for this, including storage from Mon 30th Jan to Wed 29th Feb, to include moving the items back on the 29th? Thank you

Q. How much is storage

Q. Hi how much for a store to our door to delivered to St Erme Truro and taken to Truro branch and also a quote to take it to Exeter depot thanks. To store contents from 1 bed house

Q. We are planning to move 20th but could possibly do 18th

Q. Although you mention the Southwest, I assume you also cover the rest of the country? I am in Staffordshire and will be moving to the Lake Constance area of Germany. Would you cover that?

Q. Cost of storage for three bedroom medium house

Q. Hi, I was wondering if you have any employment vacancies? I have worked all my adult life in removals and storage. I hold a clean C+E licence which I have held sinse 1980. I have spent the last 10 years solely driving through Europe with domestic removal work. My e-mail address is My name is Barry. Thankyou in advance for any consideration you may make.

Q. Inbetween house moves soon and need to store house contents, which type of storage do i require storage or self store?

Q. Hi there I have an antique wardrobe and chest of drawers to move from bristol to glastonbury asap, would this be possible? the wardrobe requires taking apart in 3 sections

Q. We would like to move our furnture fro Istanbull turkey by road via bulgaria for a drop off point and then to uk shropshire, do you do thid service

Q. Whoa, things just got a whole lot eseair.

Q. There's ntohnig like the relief of finding what you're looking for.

Q. I wil pack everything into secure brown boxes except large items such as white goods, beds and 1 mirror - does the £450 pack price apply?

Q. Contact name at exeter branch

Q. Jobs

Q. Could i possibly request an application form please?

Q. I have a corner suite that i need to transport from crawley, west sussex to my home in perranporth, cornwwall. how much would this be?

Q. Our home is a park home. We moved here 3 Years ago. at that time we moved here on a 7.5 ton truck.we have less stuff now,

Q. I'm looking to transport a set of 10 dining chairs from Redruth to Hampton, Middlesex (TW12). There is no urgency for the delivery. Can you quote?

Q. Can you take asmall ride on mower and a small trailer

Q. Cancellation policy

Q. Hi I am needing a headboard for a double bed moved from Ashburton in Devon (TQ12 6NX) to Islington in London (N5 7PF). Could you give me a quote

Q. Do you ever do part loads from cornwall to Edinburgh area?

Q. Packing boxes

Q. Your payment terms do you accept credit cards

Q. Have you any vacancies. I am a hgv driver used to removals

Q. Can u tell me anything about auctions in cornwall regarding abandond storage lockers

Q. How much per week for storing 100m3 + delivery and installation of furniture etc..?

Q. Could you let me have a price guide for your Somerset storage facility?

Q. I am looking to store my furniture while I wait for my house to be finished. What is the cost of this please

Q. Boxes

Q. We are wishing to move from the midlands to cornwall .. the house we are thinking of buying is on an unadopted road in perranporth so the load from here may have to be shipped to a local depot and then broken down into smaller loads for access .. so can you do the reverse haul of moving us from solihull to cornwall (as opposed to using a local midlands company ?) we look forward to hearing from you .. kind regards, craig

Q. Still awaiting reply Hi John Having to make an “A the most” estimate all goods should not be over 600 CU Feet. No white goods. 2 Seater sofa Reclining armchair TV 50” Computer Paintings Other items small enough to be packed into boxes. All to go into storage somewhere in the North London area. Boxes and packing will be required. Could you please quote for removal and packing to a North London storage location. If you could give an idea of storage costs that would be most helpful. Removal date would have to be on 14th or 15th November. Many thanks Neil Billingham

Q. Does this price include vat?

Q. Storage boxes

Q. Does your storage price include collection, storage and delivery to new address?


Q. Do you cover the route Somerset to the outer hebrides?

Q. Do you need a special drivers license to drive the Luton van?

Q. How much would it cost to store 35 sq ft household goods longterm?

Q. Could you please supply a quote for self store for a 6 month period from nov 2011. The size required is the size of transit van.

Q. Hi, my husband and I have used yuor online price guide and would like to request a full quote from you please. I should be grateful if you would contact me on 07990 661177 - many thanks Sheila Jones

Q. Hello, I'm looking to store the contents of a 3-bedroom house for approx 3 months. Please can you give me a rough quotation. Many thanks

Q. Is the security seal passed "through" the neck of the bag to prevent it from being opened

Q. Hello how do I find information re Oct 15th Master class with Naomi at Combe House Thank you

Q. Please could you quote me to move the contents of a small studio flat from Truro to Gibraltar. Thanks

Q. This is a move to overseas, please can you review the quote.

Q. Do you employ or know a french polisher in the truro area

Q. What ere your terms and conditions?

Q. Job vacancies job vacancies

Q. Hi, Firstly my name is Joe Shrimpton and i would like to enquire about a sponsorship enquiry. I am heavily involved with motorsport and am currently competing in the Irish Citroen Racing Trophy and laying 3rd in the championship with only four points separating me from the leader. This is my first season rallying however i used to race in the RX150 buggies in the British Rallycross Championship where i finished 2nd last ear one point from winning the championship. I have been competing in the buggy this year and are currently 3rd in the championship, however i have pulled away from rallycross due to the fact i need to concentrate on my rallying more, by going testing and getting as much seat time as i can. I am currently mentored by Kris Meeke who drives for mini in the WRC, i am committed to the sport in and out off the car training in the gym at least three times a week. My future aim is to be in the IRC and WRC, i have been testing current WRC cars and have been offered drives for certain teams however i need to bring a budget to the table with me. This is my dream and this is what i hope to do in the future for a living, if i could do it every day i would. I am the kind off person who does not want to give up, i am up for the challenge !!. This is my first season in a rally car and next year i am hoping to compete in the French Championship, British Championship and selected IRC and WRC events. I am looking for a sponsorship partner for next year, this may interest you however i know you are already involved with motorsport but it may interest you. I have attached my 2010 profile to give you an insight off me and my career, however it is not up to date (it's from 2010) , so you can always log onto my website. Thankyou for taking your time to read this email. Please contact me at any time. Thankyou Joe Joe Shrimpton Write: Talk: 07748251226 See:

Q. Can you provide a storage guide price for 70/75 for 1 year in Bristol

Q. Caravan Storage quote

Q. Bristol address

Q. Hi we are EA Removals from essex, we are due to deliver to post code PL 28 on friday and are looking for a return load. If we can help please call 01206-549944. regards colin

Q. Will this price include all packing of items?

Q. More about Self Store

Q. How much would it cost to move from brighton to nawton abbot

Q. Removals jobs

Q. Do you offer storage for caravans ?

Q. Looking at moving date on or before 30th August 2011. Would you be able to pack and store within 1 week of this date?

Q. How would I print off the quote I have been given off of your website, I need it in a written form.

Q. Can you give me a quote to collect and transport dining table from celtic shore beach rd downderry to rg40 3th

Q. How do i truck my things

Q. How much weight does a Luton van hold?

Q. I need to get a few pieces of mostly smallish furniture plus a ladder and some boxes and bags to Praa Sands (TR20 9ST) on Friday 12th August. I wondered if you might have a load coming up to London and could take my things back in the empty van from my ground floor flat in NW6 6BS. Any chance? If so, what would the cost be? If not, what would it cost? Thanks

Q. I am looking to purchase a quantity of doors, windows and conservatory from an auction in Durham. Do you offer a service where you go and pack and collect the goods and deliver them to Cornwall. If so approx how much would this cost. I think it would it would take the 7.5 tone vehicle.

Q. Can i cancel a booked self drive?

Q. Vehicles for sale

Q. What are your opening hours?

Q. Can we transport livestock?

Q. Do your quotes include VAT

Q. I'm enquring about prices for self storage, I would need something around the size of a small estate car capacity.

Q. We are moving house and are keen to take with us an 8'x6' summer house with us. Is this something you can move for us?.

Q. Looking to move in 7-8 weeks problem is dont get cash for payment until the day i move you have a deposit to pay or can i pay you in full before you return/deliver my furniture.


Q. How much the sofa and mattress cover - 3 lounge pieces and queen mattress.

Q. Who is the director

Q. I need to move a flat pack desk from Truro to Newmarket, can you give me an idea of the cost

Q. We provide custom software development, software testing, database development, maintenance and other services related to web and software development. Please contact me for more information.

Q. Cartons

Q. Hello, I have seen your website through yellow pages and would be grateful for a quote please. I would like you to pick up my furniture to store for a month or two (or maybe more) from nr Sherborne with delivery on to Southampton at a later date please. I have furniture equivelent for a 2 bed house and will have packed all my own boxes. Many thanks, I look forward to hearing from you. Michele

Q. Would you have room for 1 double bed and mattress to be moved from London to Devon and if so what would it cost?

Q. Cost of a 3 bedroom house move from cornwall to Bristol

Q. I am pricing removal of household goods from Exeter and Ashprington to Belison Antique in the Philippines. Do you undertake such work and how can it be priced and organised?

Q. How much is your caravan storage in bristol

Q. What are the costs for self storage in cornwall

Q. Caravan storage

Q. How much is it to move and store

Q. Please could you tell me how much a 75 sq ft storage unit in Cornwall is? I did email the branch but did not get a response. Many Thanks.

Q. Good morning, Can you pls quote for collection from the UK BA4 4JX and delivery to France 87320 ? I have approx 50 cartons packed plus a 3 piece suite, single bed, 2 wardrobes, a large chest of drawers, a fridge and freezer. Can you pls accommodate this request prior to 30.06.11? Thanking you in advance. Pat Heckman.

Q. Would you pick up a piano in bridgwater and bring to Newquay.

Q. Do you have a sister company in the London area, if so what is the address. Would the rates be the same?Thanks.

Q. If someone defaults on their rent do you auction off the contents?

Q. Auctions

Q. ?student storage facilities

Q. How much are boxes

Q. How much would it cost to hire a swb van to self drive for a weekend?

Q. Do you sell packing boxes

Q. I am looking to move from Spain( La Linea) to Torpoint Cornwall can you do this Thanks Linda

Q. What pickup and delivery dates are available for July?

Q. I would like a quote on storage of aprrox 15 to 20 boxes sizes are approx 12 " by 24" and for longterm storage

Q. Self store prices

Q. How many cubic metres in 18 ton box van

Q. Could you give the approx. price for storing two large sofas and a dining-room table(dimantled) thanks.

Q. What happens about frozen foods

Q. Hi is this price into storage and back out again about two weeks later

Q. I need to send a box of items ( pictures vases photos ect ) from cornwall to a holiday home in colerado how much would this cost and is it door to door service.Thankyou

Q. Are you looking for porters

Q. Hello - if we choose to use a full packing service, do you provide boxes?

Q. Vans for sale

Q. Jobs


Q. Opening hours

Q. How much does a storge unit cost

Q. Please can you provide a quote for storage of a few household items. The items consist of a small tumble drier, full length mirror. med. oil filled radiator, ironing board ,a couple of small boxes and a bag of bedding and clothes. Regards j. Wilby

Q. Hello, How much would it cost to move a single divan bed from Taunton and deliver to yeoford (near Crediton) Devon, please?

Q. Hi....can I bring the things i wish to store in my car....

Q. How would you get boxes and packing materials to us?

Q. Can you quote me a price for picking up two leather chairs from Waterloo london and bringing to St Agnes, Cornwall

Q. Hi please can you tell me how much it will be to send a king size bed, two wicker chairs, 50 boxes (supermarket standard size) large plasma tv mediem size tv 3 big speakers 3 tool boxes from gran canaria to midlands uk thank you

Q. Job vacanies

Q. How much to hire a transit size van for 4hrs max

Q. Need storage unit for household furniture. Two large sofas, dining room table and a long pew bench. Double bed, two wardrobes, one large chest of drawers, no white goods, wondered if you could give me an idea of how much a unit or these items would cost? Thanks.

Q. I am trying to obtain a quote to move from Bristol to Naxos Island Greece and all I am getting is the cost to move 0-10 miles

Q. Hi I am looking into moving about 2 square meters of mainly boxes and suitcases in late February/beginning March from Bristol over to Slovakia. Can you please contact me for a quote. Many thanks, Zuzana

Q. Please contact me to arrange for someone to come to our house for a quote. Thank you.

Q. Emailed you weeks ago for storage info - can you please advise prices for containers.

Q. Can you please let me know how much the weekly storage is for a unit approx 5' x 5'. We need to store some tenants belongings for a few weeks.

Q. How much would it cost to help me move house?

Q. Does this quote include garden funiture and plants ect.

Q. Booking details

Q. H0w often do you make the trip from Costa Calida Spain to the UK

Q. Does this quote include insurance

Q. What is your business address?

Q. What size are your cartons?

Q. Jobs

Q. Hello, I have an arm chair that I would like transported from Troon Cornwall to Switzerland. The measurements are 60 x 55 x 85 cm but so far I haven't found a suitable box to put it in. Could you please let me know how to proceed in this matter and perhaps send me a quote. Thank you very much for your help. Yours Susan Buckingham

Q. Do you supply cling film to wrap furniture

Q. Is there any way I can find out where our overseas goods are at present?

Q. Hi Can you please advise a quotation to ship 1 piece of furniture @ 2.4m x 1.45m x 0.6m, This would already be export wrapped This would require collection from Radstock, Somerset and we would request a quote to the port of Baltimore USA and also to residence at Ashburn, VA20147 USA Regards David Furniture NI

Q. Does this quote include the contents of a garage as well?

Q. Hi. My driving license has my old address details. Will that be ok for me to bring when I pick up the van?

Q. I need to move before Jan 4th 2011, please call to arrange. Thank you

Q. Cost to ship a clavichord to Romania60ins by32ins by32ins with detachable light stand Refer to my phone call some days ago.

Q. If we required your removals service, how many weeks in advance would we need to arrange this? Thankyou

Q. Damages

Q. Do you sell packing chips

Q. Would you move garden items such as a wormery & compost bins. Flower pots with contents, and general garden shed bits?

Q. How much per week for self storage in truro

Q. Do you hire luton vans for a trip to spain

Q. Have 3 piece suite, large dining room suite, double bed,approx 10 boxes which i require collecting from LN4 4RX (LINCS) TO Okehampton, have you any vehicles in the area in the next 10 days or so. Would appreciate a quote if you have. Many thanks

Q. How much is storage for about a year?

Q. How flexible can you be on dates. Hoping for mid to late November but have yet to exchange contracts.

Q. When can I order home shredding bags ??

Q. Cost of self storage

Q. Do you store vehicles

Q. Caravan storage

Q. Some of our furniture will need to go to store.Is storage heated,damp free and what is cost please?

Q. Hello. I am looking for a quote for a move from Kingsbridge to Newcastle upon Tyne. Complete house move. Approx two weeks time. Thankyou

Q. Shredding

Q. Automatic vans?

Q. Do you supply tea chests or boxes for packing

Q. Can we drop off and collect our own belongings with our own transport and just pay for the storage alone?

Q. What size rooms do you have?, and how much are they?

Q. I am looking for storage of about 4 sq m that is moisture and temperature controlled for long term storage

Q. How much is a drive up unit for 80 ft sq

Q. Careers?

Q. Hello!I live in Exeter and I want to keep some suitcases and several boxes for 3weeks, how much would that be and do you do collection and delivery? Thanks!

Q. How much notice do you need for removals in Exeter? Would like house items stored for a short period

Q. I need a removals lorry to transport approx 28m3 load from Northern Spain to exeter on one of these dates 19/20/21/22 Sept 2010. Please quote me asap. Thank you.

Q. Can you send references on removals to USA John Williams. Falmouth See your surveyor on Wednesday.

Q. Greetings, I was inquiring about your companies experience in the Hospitality / Hotel industry. We are currently looking for a UK partner to expand our Hotel Installation and Warehousing business. We currently Warehouse, Deliver and Install projects throughout the US. We have been recently asked by some of our clients to provide our services in Europe, specifically in London and Paris. Please let me know if you have any experience with installing furniture into hotels or warehousing FFE. Feel free to call or email me back at your earliest convenience.

Q. Hi are we allowed access to the self storage on bank holiday Monday?

Q. Do you open on bank holidays self storage access

Q. We are moving from dy10 3xb ,kidderminster to your storage in truro, everything will fit in your small luton van and would be unloaded into one of your storage units which we hope to rent . could you give an estamated cost for this one move . we would then request a further quote when we are readyto move into our house .

Q. Please can John call us or answer our emails. Cooper Removals Spain

Q. What are your costs for a room size domestic storage unit.

Q. Job vaciencies

Q. How much please are the self storage units to rent. Many thanks Louisa Brown.

Q. ITEMS (L x B x H) cm 01. Ceragem Master Massage Bed in its box. Marked 'A' - 126 x 67 x 18 02. Ceragem Master Massage Bed in its box. Marked 'B' - 79 x 56 x 14 03. Ceragem Master Massage Bed in its box. Marked 'C' - 126 x 58 x 14 04. Stools + clothes + miscellaneous in an Interport box. - 49 x 44 x 76 05. Albums + books + clothes in an Interport box. - 46 x 31 x 33 06. Books in an Interport box. - 46 x 31 x 33 07. Books in an Interport box. - 46 x 31 x 33 08. Books in an Interport box. - 46 x 31 x 33 09. Shoes + clothes in an Interport box. - 47 x 46 x 53 10. Dyson vacuum cleaner in its box. - 98 x 30 x 33 11. Electric panio (Please ask for the quotation for crating the panio

Q. Insurance

Q. Moving from Spain to Devon

Q. Could you give me a fixed quote for this move. Extra details: only furniture is two tables, a bookcase, and some computers in boxes. Last time I moved I used about 40 large cardboard boxes.

Q. What size cartons do you sell

Q. Is there air conditioning in somerset branch

Q. Do you hire self drive vehicles

Q. Hi, can you tell me how much it will cost to store a 5 metre boat in bristol per year.

Q. Do you move people back from overseas. We are in corfu greece and are coming back in Oct. We are packing about 3/4 of our 3 bedroom apartment to come back. We have been quoted €2.700, and was wondering if you are cheaper. We are moving back to Somerset. Kind regards Mrs Chris Harris this is my email address

Q. What are the prices for self storage

Q. Please advise cost of shipping approx 3 cubic metres of Personal Effects (pictures;books and household items) to Paphos Cyprus from Praze-an-Beeble and the length of time involved from collection to delivery.

Q. What is the price of mobile self store

Q. Opening times bristol

Q. Do you have room at your Brislington branch to store a Motorhome for a couple of weeks. If so, please advise how much. Thank you

Q. Cost of sorage please?

Q. Jobs

Q. Motorhome storage

Q. Looking for a man and van to move items from Woburn Bedfordshire to Tavistock Devon

Q. What are your house contents storage costs?

Q. What cards do you take?

Q. Can i hire a van to move some furniture from france to uk

Q. We need 20ft container space to move to Mersin/Turkey, from Bristol, please send me quetion

Q. Storage costs

Q. Please quote for transfer of one container to Cardiff

Q. Could you please send me a quote to my address 3Dopps Terrace Redruth TR15 2EP thanks


Q. Can you give me your self store prices please? many thanks

Q. Do you do removals countrywide

Q. Can I pay the rents online and how?


Q. We are looking to hire a storage unit for minium of 3 months holding 7.5 tonne lorry woad, could you please give me a quote.

Q. Availability and cost of a self storage unit at Truro

Q. What does your new branch is brislington bristol offer?

Q. How much to hire a removal man and van from Truro to Penzance


Q. Is it possible to hire a self dreive van on line from Bridgwater ?

Q. Hi how would i move furniture and belonging to turkey ? would it be cotainrised or go by vechile who handles customs & paperwork etc ... and how long would it take

Q. How much are the self storage units in Truro per month?

Q. Please could you tell me the rates for self store

Q. How old do you have to be to hire a van?

Q. We will need to store briefly (possibly 2 -3 weeks) until the boarding house at Pentreve in Truro School is ready. Coud you store in a container on the truro site?

Q. Can i have the price upfront and per month and the details of what i need to bring with me before i drive down for a 24/7 access unit around 8ft/8ft/10ft approx regards steve

Q. Do you do removals from South Sweden to Weston s Mare Somerset

Q. Do you do part loads to Guernsey?

Q. Our neighbours here in Calonge Spain have used your Devon office (John) to move a part load to Kingsbridge. We are interested in discussing our requirements of moving our entire contents to Devon/Cornwall depending on where we end up. Can you help please?

Q. Availability for part load removal 850cu ft volume july 26th 2010 Abingdon OXON - Penzance

Q. Do you have any dates in August for part loads from Nerja Spain to Torquay. Approx 3 cubic meters.

Q. One sofa one cooker one tumble dryer one washing machine one fridge freezer

Q. How much would it cost to move from Wadebridge to Truro approx 1/2 house

Q. Please could I be sent this quote by email please of 1674.75. Thanks. Debra Shepherd

Q. Do you provide caravan storage at your Bristol site ?

Q. If you have a "spent" drink driving conviction, on your licence can you hire a van?

Q. Have you a company in Bath Road Brislington Bristol

Q. Hi can you tell me how much per cu meter to take part load from Nerja near Malaga to Devon. Most likely in September. I have seen your trucks in Nerja recently

Q. Prices of storage units

Q. Hi My name is chris hibbitt I live in brislington Bristol near the bath road I have noticed that you are curentaly buloding a site for both self store and self drive, and I was wondering if you have any job oppitunities at this site. If so would it be posible to get some more information on them sent to many regards chris.hibbitt

Q. Good Morning, Would it be possible to buy some removal boxes from you? Kind Regards Jon Collins

Q. Please could you advise as to how much a self store unit of approx 35 sq ft (or slightly larger) would be. It would be required on an ongoing basis for longer than 12 months. Many Thanks.

Q. How much would a 3bed prop in Loughborough Leics to Honiton Devon cost to move?

Q. Hello! My son has just moved to London for his first job after leaving home. He has a few things (books, large flat screen tv and clothes) which he would like to move. Is it possible to do a part load move for him? Joanna Smith, Truro.

Q. How much to move me from austell to .newquay and to stor for about 8 weeks we have a 2 bed moble home going to a bungalow in newquay

Q. Will the new site on the Bath Road in Bristol have storage space for caravans?

Q. How much are storage units at truro? sizes and price.

Q. Please can you quote me to ship a corner cupboard to Newzealand

Q. How much is the self storage units at truro

Q. Hi How much would it cost to move a four bed house from Bracknell in Berkshire to Bugle in Cornwall (with & without the packing option? Terry 07990 524200

Q. Can you move people back from Spain to the UK?

Q. How much is self storage at the bridgwater site?

Q. If you do the packing, are the items packed covered by insurance which they wouldn't be if we packed them ourselves?

Q. I want to store the contents of my parents house who will be moving down from Birmingham to Exeter the end of June. How much would it cost for a 80 sq ft unit - we want to move all of the stuff ourselves and only want to store.

Q. Can i just store my stuff

Q. Cost per container

Q. We are moving about 36 miles away but there may be a delay of about 3 weeks, so we may need storage for this time in between moves. How much will that cost and how much to remove from house and then for taking from storage to new house? Its a 3 bedroom house.

Q. We are looking to move from our rented flat & put our belongings in to storage in Truro. As my husband is disabled & I don't drive, would you be able to pick up from the flat in Perranuthnoe, Penzance & how much would this cost ?

Q. We wish to move to kent in 2 months time and this will require storage and delivery,please can you quote us .thanks

Q. Please can you give me a quote for collection and storage of goods (one x white van full) from Redland for six weeks?

Q. I will probably need storage for all my household items. It will be needed from 31st May until further notice (until I find somewhere to live permenantly) Could you give me price for Self Store in Truro please.

Q. Could we ask for a quote for move from Moray to North Somerset plus cost of different sized storage containers to store items not needed in furnished accommodation. Thanks

Q. Can I put my items in a stoage unit wihtout using you to transport it ? if so what is the cost

Q. HomeMovingQuotes is a brand new Removals Company directory and Search Engine that will send enquiries to your business soaring. Thank you for your time and best wishes for the future, with or without us.

Q. Space required on return leg from alicante area of spain in may to uk.

Q. My husband and I are currently in MOD housing in Yeovil. We are planning to move to Cyprus next year. Unfortunately our house is in a difficult position for a large vehicle and we are looking at a way of gradually putting unused items into storage before the whole lot is packed up and either shipped or taken overland to Cyprus. Although we intend to move in April we are in no immediate rush for our furniture as our house needs work doing to it. We have a limited budget so want to find the most convenient way of doing this. I wonder if you could contact me to let me know what you may be able to offer.

Q. What price per week for self storage

Q. What is your hours of bussines

Q. Cost of storage for 2 weeks and onward removal from devon to bristol

Q. I would like to storage some excess household goods in Cornwall until I move back to the area, approx 12 months. The pick up point would be in Cambourne. Please could you give me some costs.

Q. How much would it cost to put all our furniture and household items in storage?

Q. Hi i need a tredmill from wincanton to glastonbury need lifting gear

Q. How much would a 60 sq feet self storage unit cost per month? Thanks.

Q. Materials price list

Q. Thank you for moving us last year to Cyprus all went very well and we did settle in very quickly. Just to let you know that we have a propertie website and we would like to put your services to our clients that would like to move out to Cyprus.Do you run an affiliate service on a commission basis,our website is Look forward to hearing from you MR & MRS P Gallagher The Nook Yarnscombe Devon EX31 3LN

Q. I am sending an a1 Portfolio bag by courier and need a box that will fit. Its 90cmx60cmx6cm they recommended I contact a self storage company to obtain one. Can you help please? Many thanks Jane Pritchard

Q. How much do you charge for self storage in Exeter? Would be looking for a small unit to accommodate maybe 4 small car-loads for approximately 2 months

Q. How much for 200sq ft

Q. Job vacancies

Q. How much is it for 10ft sq unit to rent

Q. How much for removal from Exeter to Stogursey -moving from 2 bed terraced

Q. Can you please let me have an approx cost of the selfstore 2 your door incl monthly costs for storage.

Q. Can i purchase packing boxes and bubble wrap

Q. Price from Brompton regis to Chichester

Q. Do you have a fork lift and driver available for self storage customers?

Q. Price from cornwall to stoke on trent

Q. Do you have a self storage depot in Bristol. where is it?

Q. How much to move from a three bedroom maisonette in laira plymouth to a three bedroom house in teignmouth

Q. I am looking to hire a storage unit for surf boards and bike over the summer. I need to be able to access the unit when i want. What kind of price would i be looking at?

Q. Would it be possible for me to leave the contents in my chest of drawers

Q. I have a three bedroom house how much does stroage cost.

Q. Will a removal from Gweek, Helston to Bristol be over two days?

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